Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quilts Made From the 2013 QBC Winners

In yesterdays post I showed you the 2014 QBC (quilt block contest) blocks. Today I will show you the quilts that were made from the 2013 block winners and the blocks that they received. When someone wins best in show or an honorable mention for the block they created in the contest, they win their own block back plus several other blocks. How many depends on how many blocks were entered in the contest. The best of show winner receives a cash prize of $50 plus some fabric to use for a border and binding and sometimes if there is extra fabric they might get enough to make additional blocks if they desire to. The other winners are honorable mention winners and they receive blocks and fabric too, but no cash prize. Last year there were about 200 quilt blocks entered, and about 100 of those blocks were sewn all by hand and came all the way from Japan! Since they had so many blocks last year there were more winners. There were 6 quilts made from those who won the QBC last year that hung in this years show, including my quilt. 2 were sent from the Japanese winners and those quilts were quilted by hand.
This person created a bridge that leads to the Stitchin' Post Quilt Shop. 
This quilt was sewn into panels and the panels were attached at the top to keep it all together. The way it hangs gives it the look of a kimono.
This was one of the quilts that was made and sent from Japan. She added pretty diamond blocks in the 4 corners.
This was the other quilt made and sent from Japan. She added some colorful flowers with silhouetted people in 3 places across the quilt.
This quilt was made by a local woman and she added a colorful block in the lower right hand corner.
This is my quilt. I added the Sisters in the center of the quilt and added a border around the center. I used the blocks as an outer border. The block I made that allowed me to win is the 4th block down from the top left hand corner (in blue). I mailed this to my sister after the show. She said her new craft room is green and she hadn't hung up any pictures yet, so this was perfect.
That's me standing next to the quilt I made and wearing my volunteer tee-shirt from the show. I helped to hang these quilts and the QBC blocks for the show.
All 6 2013 QBC quilts hung on the side of a building. 
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  1. Love them all but I love yours the most!!

  2. I really do love your Sister quilt, especially since it really is going to go to your Sister. Wonderful job!

  3. I love your quilt the most and I'm not just saying that. All the others are beautiful too and love how they're displayed on the sides of buildings. Btw which bag are you carrying LOLL

  4. thanks for posting the quilts in smaller segments so we can appreciate them better. I find this section very interesting because at first I found that colors that were used to be unusual and just an odd combination. That said I love the way all of you expressed yourselves with these colors and the end results are amazing. Your quilt is my favorite however everyone did a marvelous job.

  5. I love seeing how the same blocks can turn into so many different quilts!! (I admittedly love yours the's the sisters in the middle that got me!)

    1. Thanks for rejuvinating at Tuesday Archives.....still a favorite!

  6. What a sweet gift for your sister. These quilts are so wonderful and look neat all hung up on the building like that.

  7. I think they are all so impressive. I do like your medallion quilt. What a wonderful post.


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