Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another Shadow Shawl

I made another Shadow Shawl using a solid black and a self-stripe/patterning yarn. I gave this shawl to my mother.

Picot edge.
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Knit Beret and Socks

Top of beret.
I made these for my grandson. I made the socks first out of a self-stripe/patterning yarn. Then I made the hat, but ran out of the yarn and so I used a white yarn to finish the hat, but the white was so stark I soaked the whole thing in some tea after it was finished to blend the colors. I put it on my grandson and the white part sits on the top of the head, so it works fine, and my grandson looks so adorable in this hat!
Underside of beret you can see the ribbing.
Socks in self patterning yarn.

My grandson in Poppie's lap.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Small Daisy Quilt

This is going to be given away for auctioning off at the quilt retreat that I am attending in September. The beads along the left side are beads that I made out of fabric scraps.

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African Mask Quilt

This was made using 8 batik African Mask fabrics. I fused batik fabrics down and machine quilted over it all. Kind of designed this as I went along.
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Asian Circle Play Quilt

I made this in the quilt-as-you-go reversible method. I added appliqued circles in 2 sizes to the quilt and more cross-hatch quilting. I was inspired by the book, Circle Play by Reynola Pacusich. I haven't photographed the reverse side of the quilt yet. I will add the reverse side of the quilt later.

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2 Small Flower Quilts

2 small flower applique quilts. Hand buttonhole-stitched, machine quilted. Embellishments added to the purple flowered quilt.

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Coneflower Quilt

Small coneflower applique quilt. I did the buttonhole stitch by hand and machine quilted it.

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