Thursday, July 29, 2021

Water Bottle Sling (It's a Guy Thing Blog Hop too)

Thanks Carol (of Just Let Me Quilt) for hosting this blog hop. It is hard to create for guys, so I am hoping to find more inspiration for the future as I hop along to see what the other bloggers have made for this blog hop.

I decided to make a water bottle sling in a train signage fabric for my guy thing. All the guys I know love trains (my grandson, husband and brother), so it must be a guy thing to love trains. It can also be a gal thing to love trains or to make this water bottle sling in other fabric choices (which I will also show you at the end of this post too). Having a great water bottle bag is really a human thing to keep you hydrated, especially during the summer months, which some places have been having excessive heat breaking temperatures this summer.

The bag measures 11" high at the tallest and have an oval bottom that is 6" wide x 4". This bag is great because it can carry up to a 32 ounce size water bottle in the main area, which is lined with waterproof canvas so if the bottle sweats, you can just wipe out the moisture. Unzip the 8" high zipper front pocket and inside are 2 slip pockets, a pen pocket and space in between. The slip pockets are great for carrying your phone (it can hold an iPhone8+), and a passport. This can be made with credit card slots instead of one of the slip pockets, but I prefer a small wallet that can be removed for finding what card you need or left out of the bag when not needed, that way it's more versatile. For the women's bags, I like to make a matching wallet, but I don't for the guy's bag, unless requested. They can easily just place the needed cards and cash in a slip pocket.

The adjustable strap makes it nice to wear across the body or make shorter for carrying on the shoulder. Inside the main part of the bag where the bottle goes, I used a waterproof canvas so if the bottle sweats, it can be wiped out and won't get absorbed into the zipper pocket area. In the colder months, you could carry a bottle filled with coffee or tea instead of water. Or remove the bottle and use to carry other items needed for the day. After using the one I made one morning, I decided I needed to also make a removable padded strap pad to make wearing it with a heavy water bottle or all day more comfortable, so now I am including a padded strap pad as well.

I got a request to make a custom water bottle bag using Tim Holtz ticket fabric. Even though this was requested by a female, this fabric would work for a guy too. I added a little wallet for her and the padded shoulder pad. (I still need to make a padded shoulder pad for the train signage fabric). I have a couple more of these I made (one for myself) that I will share soon too. Those are made in fabrics that are more of a gal thing though, so will share soon.

These bags would be great for a day hike, an outing, going to a theme park, a quilt show, an exercise class, etc. They make fabulous gifts too. Check my Etsy Shop to see what I have available, or contact me if you want a water bottle bag made with a certain color or print in mind, with credit card pockets or a removeable little wallet, a 2-color strap or single color strap, and choice of 7 waterproof canvas lining colors.  

The train signage fabric is great for a guy (or a gal).

The main compartment can hold up to a 32 ounce bottle. The gray waterproof canvas assures that nothing will get wet inside the zipper front pocket.

Inside the zipper pocket are 2 slip pockets and a pen pocket. Either pocket can hold a phone or passport, cash, cards and since this doesn't fully unzip for safety reasons, you can place something in the center between the pockets too, like your keys.

Gray waterproof canvas interior lining.

Next up is a custom made bag that I made for a female, but this great fabric would also work for a guy too.

Tim Holtz ticket fabric.

I added the removeable shoulder pad to make it more comfortable to wear with heavy bottle or for extended periods of time. I also made a 2-fabric strap.

Inside is a pen pocket and 2 larger slip pockets to hold a phone, passport, and the little wallet I made that matches.

Matching little wallet.

3 pockets inside the wallet for holding a license, cash, cards.

This bag also was lined in gray waterproof canvas.

I quilted the bottom of the bags to hold the heavyweight interfacing in place. Both the lining and the exterior are quilted.

Closer look at the removeable padded shoulder pad.

I hope you enjoyed what I created. Now check out the rest of today's blogger's and what they created.
Here is the entire schedule in case you missed any. The link takes you to the blog, not the post, so if you are a day late, you might have to look around to find what these bloggers posted for the It's a Guy Thing blog hop in case they have been posting more things after they posted for the hop.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you have enjoyed visiting all the blogs and found some great ideas and inspiration. 
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Sunday, July 25, 2021

It's A Guy Thing Blog Hop

Carol (from Just Let Me Quilt) is the hostess of this It's a Guy Thing Blog Hop. So get ready to start hopping along for some fun ideas from all these bloggers.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Happy Birthday Balloons Postcards

An online friend celebrated her 60th birthday in June and asked for us online friends to help her celebrate by sending her a birthday card. So I wanted to make her a handmade card and decided to make a fabric postcard using the Crafter's Edge Balloons die cuts. While I was at it I made a second postcard just to have on hand. 

I used batik fabric scraps for the balloons and I had a rubber stamp that says, Birthday Wishes, so stamped that at the bottom. The balloon strings were drawn on with a pigma pen. The background fabric was a confetti-looking fabric that went well with the balloons. Then I satin stitched the edges. I popped the postcard into an envelope because it had a long journey to Germany, and I wanted it to arrive clean. It did arrive safely and just before her birthday. I know she received over 100 cards too! 

It was so fast and easy to cut the balloons with the die cuts.

The back of both cards were stamped with a postcard stamp.

Balloons die cut set from Crafter's Edge.

All during the month of July, the Crossover II die cut machine is on sale for 25% off. No code is needed as it's marked at the sale price. 

Get your Crossover II die cut machine now while it's on sale. You will love how easy it is to use and how quickly you can cut out your project(s).
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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Red, White & Blue Fabric Bucket

I want to wish all my fellow Americans a Happy Independence Day today. 

***Sale*** Scroll down to the bottom of this posting for info on the Crossover II Die Cut Machine that is on sale for 25% off!!! You will LOVE it!!!

This just happens to be the perfect project to share with you today on this American holiday. This is my project for the month of July that I made using Crafter's Edge die cuts. For this patriotic red, white & blue fabric bucket I used the 2.5" half square triangle cuts from Crafter's Edge. I used blue and white scraps to cut out the various triangles and then added strips of red to the top and bottom of the triangles and a large circle for the bottom of the bucket. I added interfacing to the wrong side of the exterior and then fusible fleece. I quilted the bottom and the red in wavy lines and I quilted 1/4" away from the blue triangles.

It is a nice large size bucket, measuring 9.75" tall x 28.25" around the bucket and 8.75" across the top of the circle opening and the bottom of the bucket circle too.

Cutting the triangles was fast and easy with the Crossover 2 die cut machine from Crafter's Edge. I used scraps from my blue and white scrap bags. I didn't use a pattern for this, I just created it as I went along.

fabric bucket in red, white, blue patchwork chevron design
The red top and bottom I quilted in wavy lines, and on the blue triangles, I quilted it 1/4" away from the seams.

fabric bucket in red, white, blue patchwork chevron design
White and red polka dot lining.

Bottom of fabric bucket showing quilting on red fabric
Quilted wavy lines on the bottom circle of the bucket too.

Inside lining of fabric bucket is white with red polka dots

Closeup view of the patchwork triangles on fabric bucket
One section of the bucket.

another closeup view of patchwork triangles on fabric bucket
I turned it a bit to show another section.

A patriotic bucket like this can be displayed for so many American holidays: 
Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, President's Day in February, Memorial Day in May, Flag Day in June, Independence Day in July, Constitution Day in September, Labor Day in September, Veteran's Day in November, Election Day in November, Bill of Rights Day in December, and other days that American's might want to celebrate or remember too.
I used the 2.5" Half Square Triangles from Crafter's Edge to create this fabric bucket. What a huge time saver to cut 1/2 Square triangles with this die cut! No more squaring up triangles after you sew them. Just cut a bunch of triangles, place them right sides together and sew, that's it. They come out perfect every time.

Next month I will be sharing another project I made using Crafter's Edge die cuts. So come back in August to see what project that I will share with you then. I really love using so many great die cuts to create these projects that I get to share with you. Thanks Crafter's Edge!

***Sale*** The Crossover II Die Cut Machine is on sale July 1-31, 2021 for 25% off!!!! That is a great deal! Regular price is $249.99 and the sale price is $187.49, a savings of $62.49! So go grab yourself this fabulous machine now. No code needed, the sale price is listed the whole month. You will LOVE it! 
You will need to add to cart for the sale price so show.
The handle even folds up when not in use. See that turquoise dot on the side is really a magnet for the handle to cling to. The white part of the handle folds up and sticks on the turquoise dot.

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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Round Tote Bag with Drawstring Top, Handles and Pockets.

I wanted to make a large bag with a drawstring top closure. I needed handles to carry the bag and pockets both inside and out. I had a bag pattern for the basic shape (Absolute Bag), but I added all the things I just mentioned and more. 

I also had a couple of printed fabric pieces that I wanted to use for the pockets on the exterior of the bag and so I based the pocket size on the panel size of these prints. The Spider Woman spinning her web sort of looked like a woman knitting and I wanted to make this a knitting bag. It also has a Halloween feeling to it too. I chose the exterior fabric colors based on the colors in the pocket panels, and a light interior fabric print, since the exterior is dark.

I wasn't entirely sure about the measurements for the drawstring top, so I guesstimated on the cutting size and it worked out just right, whew, becuase I didn't have much more fabric left.

I could have made the handles longer, but they are fine for carrying in my hand, just not over the shoulder; however I can make an adjustable strap that I can clip onto the rings with swivel hooks if I want to carry it on my shoulder or across my body. I will wait and see if I want to add that strap or not.

I interfaced everything and added foam for the structure of the bag so it stand up nicely too.

Bag sitting on rocks
The main fabric is batik, the handles are a grunge fabric, the pockets are printed panels.

Another view of the bag

View close up of the front of the bag and closer look at the pocket
I added strap connectors with rings and rivets for extra strength as well as bling.
 I love that full moon with the Spider Woman spinning her web. The moon just glows.
Side view of the bag as it is hanging on a fence post
Side view look at the bag.

View of the quilted bottom of the bag with added purse feet
I quilted the bottom of the bag and added purse feet.

View looking down on the top of the bag with the drawstring top closed. There are large orange beads used at the end of the drawstrings
Looking down on the drawstring closure. I added long orange colored wooden beads at the drawstring ends.

Closer view of the bag and the drawstring closure while closed
Drawstring closure closeup.

Interior view of the bag's slip pocket
Interior slip pocket the you look beautiful label.

Interior view of the bag's zipper pocket
Interior zipper pocket and my label.

View of inside bag looking down into bag from up above. The interior lining fabric is a cream color with alphabet fonts all over it in black.
This interior fabric is a Tim Holtz print. The zipper pocket and the slip pocket are opposite each other inside the bag and do not back up to the exterior pockets, so that way the contents of the pockets are not back to back, but spread out. 

View of the exterior of the bag showing the 3 rivets on each side of the strap connectors and 1 rivet on the strap with a rectangle metal ring

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