Thursday, July 1, 2021

Round Tote Bag with Drawstring Top, Handles and Pockets.

I wanted to make a large bag with a drawstring top closure. I needed handles to carry the bag and pockets both inside and out. I had a bag pattern for the basic shape (Absolute Bag), but I added all the things I just mentioned and more. 

I also had a couple of printed fabric pieces that I wanted to use for the pockets on the exterior of the bag and so I based the pocket size on the panel size of these prints. The Spider Woman spinning her web sort of looked like a woman knitting and I wanted to make this a knitting bag. It also has a Halloween feeling to it too. I chose the exterior fabric colors based on the colors in the pocket panels, and a light interior fabric print, since the exterior is dark.

I wasn't entirely sure about the measurements for the drawstring top, so I guesstimated on the cutting size and it worked out just right, whew, becuase I didn't have much more fabric left.

I could have made the handles longer, but they are fine for carrying in my hand, just not over the shoulder; however I can make an adjustable strap that I can clip onto the rings with swivel hooks if I want to carry it on my shoulder or across my body. I will wait and see if I want to add that strap or not.

I interfaced everything and added foam for the structure of the bag so it stand up nicely too.

Bag sitting on rocks
The main fabric is batik, the handles are a grunge fabric, the pockets are printed panels.

Another view of the bag

View close up of the front of the bag and closer look at the pocket
I added strap connectors with rings and rivets for extra strength as well as bling.
 I love that full moon with the Spider Woman spinning her web. The moon just glows.
Side view of the bag as it is hanging on a fence post
Side view look at the bag.

View of the quilted bottom of the bag with added purse feet
I quilted the bottom of the bag and added purse feet.

View looking down on the top of the bag with the drawstring top closed. There are large orange beads used at the end of the drawstrings
Looking down on the drawstring closure. I added long orange colored wooden beads at the drawstring ends.

Closer view of the bag and the drawstring closure while closed
Drawstring closure closeup.

Interior view of the bag's slip pocket
Interior slip pocket the you look beautiful label.

Interior view of the bag's zipper pocket
Interior zipper pocket and my label.

View of inside bag looking down into bag from up above. The interior lining fabric is a cream color with alphabet fonts all over it in black.
This interior fabric is a Tim Holtz print. The zipper pocket and the slip pocket are opposite each other inside the bag and do not back up to the exterior pockets, so that way the contents of the pockets are not back to back, but spread out. 

View of the exterior of the bag showing the 3 rivets on each side of the strap connectors and 1 rivet on the strap with a rectangle metal ring

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  1. What a fun tote and fabrics! I really love that lining fabric. I don’t know what it is about text fabric but I’m always drawn to it. I guess you could say it talks to matter what it says. Ha.

  2. This came out very nice and I really like your fabric choice on this bag.

  3. This is such a fun bag! I love everything about it!

  4. that would be the ultimate trick or treat bag for the adult accompanying children. it can hold everything and with style. its wonderful I can only imagine how tricky it would be working through all those layers. excellent job as always.


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