Tuesday, September 28, 2021

3 Water Bottle Slings in Hot Air Balloon Fabric

I got an order to make 3 Water Bottle Slings in Hot Air Balloon fabric print and made these earlier this month. The woman who ordered these said they are all going to the Albuquerque International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in October and her and her daughters would be wearing these water bottle sling there. They might end up putting a bottle of coffee or tea in them instead becuase the mornings of the Fiesta can be quite cold. 

The Fiesta starts in only a little more than 3 days! Last year the Fiesta was cancelled and became known as the Fiesta Siesta, lol! There have been lots of balloons flying this month and many have gone over our house. I never tire of seeing them in the sky.

On to the water bottle slings.

All three have the same exterior fabric, but different lining colors and zipper colors. I include a shoulder pad that is removeable too.

Red zipper and red waterproof canvas lining where the bottle fit.

Inside has 2 slip pocket and a pen pocket. You can fit a phone, passport, etc. inside. Plus I make a removeable little wallet that has 3 card pockets, the back pocket is the deepest one to hold folded cash. I prefer the removeable wallet rather than sewing in card slots into the bag. I think it's safer, easier to access and gives you a choice to carry the wallet in the bag or not.

I also add a hot air balloon charm to the beaded zipper pulls that I make. I only use these charms on bags with hot air balloons.

Next up is the lime green zipper with lime green waterproof canvas lining. Tip: I didn't have a lime green zipper, so I grabbed my fabric paint in lime green and I painted a white zipper. It even worked on the nylon zipper teeth.

Yellow zipper and yellow waterproof canvas lining.

I wonder if she will be stopped at the Balloon Fiesta and asked about her bags? I gave her a bunch of cards to hand out if anyone asks. The Fiesta starts this Saturday morning and runs for 9 days, so I'll see.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Wool Appliqué Scarecrow Wall Quilt (I'm Falling for You Blog Hop)

Thanks to Joan of Moosestash Quilting for hosting this Blog Hop: I'm Falling for You. 

I started this scarecrow wool appliqué a year or 2 ago (I can't even remember, since the years are flying by). I found it in my pile of UFO's. The center scarecrow appliqué was the only thing done, but I still needed to make it into to something. I decided to add a border with the word Autumn on the right side. The lettering is felt, so I hand blanket stitched around the letters, like I did around all the rest of the appliqué shapes too. I added some rickrack, 4 flower buttons and then sewed the backing and birthed it. I topstitched around the wall quilt and hand quilted around the appliqué shapes. 

Scarecrows are my favorite Autumn decoration.

I used a variety of wool, both felt and woven wool and even some knit sweaters I washed in hot water and felted (or actually fulled, which is the correct term).

Rickrack and added buttons.

The letters are felt and hand blanket stitched in place.

All hand stitched, even the quilting around the appliqué motifs.

Hanging on the wall.

Thanks for visiting me and now check out all the other blogs to see what Fall/Autumn projects they came up with.

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Monday, September 20, 2021

I'm Falling For You~ Blog Hop this week

Starting today is the blog hop, hosted by Joan of Moosestash Quilting. 

Hop along for some Autumn inspiration and great ideas.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses #81-83 (for 2021)

3 more purses made for the Sew Powerful Purse Project

I just mailed a box of 30 purses off on Monday. So I will be sewing other things for a while and also sewing a purse here and there until I have enough to mail off another box. With the holiday postage rates increasing from October 3-December 26, I was glad to get that box mailed. I am not sure if I will make enough purses to fill a box before the purses head to Africa sometime in November. If I don't sew enough purses the rest of this year, they will just get mailed next year. The need is ongoing, so there is no hurry, except that Sew Powerful had a goal of 24,000 purses for this year and we don't know if they will make that goal or not until we hear later what the count is. 

Here are the latest 3 that I finished and are on their way to Renton, WA along with the other 27 in the box. I did mail 2 boxes of purses to them in the Spring, so I am feeling good about all the purses that I made this year.

This flap was a Pineapple Quilt block that I set on point and added strips in the four corners. Then I quilted it in wavy lines.

This blue fabric has a wood grain look to it.

This flap started as a quilt block too that I also set on point and added strips to the 4 corners.

I like this plaid fabric because it goes with lots of colors.

This was made from a quilt block too set on point with added strips. I offset the block a bit.

This is another fabric that works well with lots of colors.

I know there will be 30 girls who will receive the purses I sent, so that makes me happy knowing how much they will be used and loved.
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Monday, September 13, 2021

Serendipity Hip Cross Body Bag in Paris Print & Black Faux Cork

This was a custom order I recently finished. At the craft show I did last week another crafter saw my purses & bags and liked the Paris fabric print on one bag, but wanted a different bag made. She wanted a snap closure and saw a bag I made with a flap that had a magnetic closure and wanted that. She like the style of the Serendipity Hip bag, but just wanted quicker access without a zipper closure. Everyone is different and that is why I prefer to do custom orders so the customer can choose the things they prefer to have. 

A lot of people prefer zipper closures. I like both snaps and zippers myself, but I prefer zippers that sit one top of the bag and are not recessed. I find recessed zippers harder to access and harder to see what is inside the bag, but some people love them, so it's great there is something for everyone. I also like snap closures with or without a flap. How about you? Do you have a preference on a bag closure?

I think this bag turned out great! I love this fabric combination together. There is something about Paris print fabric I just love. I think I love that most Paris fabric I have seen has written text on it and the word Paris or France or both on it and is usually in a collage style of some kind and of course the Eiffel Tower, which is a fabulous structure too. All those things are what I like, so maybe that is why I am drawn to Paris print fabric. I think I would love other cities too if they printed fabric in a similar way.

An Eiffel Tower charm on the zipper pull I made for this bag.

Inside the bag I added a zipper pocket and a slip pocket. 

The bag of the bag.

Instead of adding credit card pockets inside the purse, I prefer adding a little wallet instead, because making it removeable is better in my opinion.

There are 3 card pockets and the back pocket is deeper to allow for cash folded in half. Each pocket can hold more than one card too.

The matching set.

Above the exterior zipper pocket is a pocket with a separate phone pocket.

The exterior zipper pocket, opened.

The Eiffel Tower zipper pull and side view.

Inside view of the 2 pockets with the little wallet in the slip pocket.

Another look at the phone pocket from the wearer's perspective.

This bag is a great style bag packed with great features, whether it closes with a zipper or a flap with a snap or a snap alone, it is a great size for most women who don't want to carry a ton of stuff. It is also great with a curved top or a straight across top. I have made many modifications to this great bag pattern by ChrisW Designs on this one and a lot of past makes of Serendipity Hip bags too.

Let me know if you would like me to make you a custom Serendipity Hip Cross Body bag and what modifications, if any, that you would like. You can search in the search box located on the right side by typing in Serendipity Hip to see all the past bags in this style that I have made. They sure can look different depending on the fabric chosen.
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Friday, September 10, 2021

Wonder Woman & Super Woman H20 to Go Water Bottle Slings

I made a couple more Water Bottle Slings. One in Wonder Woman fabric and the other is all the Super Women: Wonder Woman, Bat Girl & Super Girl. I thought these might be a big hit at the craft show I did last Sunday, but I only had a few lookers. So these along with the water bottle sling in the train signage fabric and the Sugar Skulls fabric are the only 4 water bottle slings that I have for sale. I will only make more as a custom order from now on.

I thought the fabric I used would sell, since a lot of women and girls are into these super hero's. I know they will sell somewhere else. The holidays are coming soon.

This is the Super Women fabric water bottle sling.

I like to add a removeable shoulder pad becuase some water bottles can be heavy to carry, depending on the size bottle you use. These slings can hold a 64 ounce bottle and more, depending on the shape of the bottle.

The front of the bag features a large curved zipper pocket.

Inside the zipper pocket, there are 2 slip pockets, large enough to fit a phone and a passport wallet. Plus I also make a matching Little Wallet to fit into the pocket and there is a pen pocket too.

Here is the matching Little Wallet for the Super Women water bottle sling. IN order for the women to not appear upside down on the front flap, I had to piece 

Inside the wallet there are 3 slip pockets to hold cards and the back pocket is deeper for holding cash that is folded in half.

Next, here is the Wonder Woman water bottle sling.

The front zippered pocket.

Inside the zipper pocket the same pockets and little wallet.

The Little wallet on this one I appliquéd a blue star. I didn't want Wonder Woman to end up upside down when the wallet flap folded over.

Inside the wallet I was able to use Wonder Woman fabric for the lining, so you see her at the top.

Here they are both together.

The full view of both, showing the straps and shoulder pads.
 Both bags have waterproof lining where the bottle sits.

Contact me ASAP, if you are interested in purchasing one or both of these because they might go to the local shop on consignment soon. The Super Women with the pink background has SOLD! Wonder Woman is still available.
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