Monday, September 13, 2021

Serendipity Hip Cross Body Bag in Paris Print & Black Faux Cork

This was a custom order I recently finished. At the craft show I did last week another crafter saw my purses & bags and liked the Paris fabric print on one bag, but wanted a different bag made. She wanted a snap closure and saw a bag I made with a flap that had a magnetic closure and wanted that. She like the style of the Serendipity Hip bag, but just wanted quicker access without a zipper closure. Everyone is different and that is why I prefer to do custom orders so the customer can choose the things they prefer to have. 

A lot of people prefer zipper closures. I like both snaps and zippers myself, but I prefer zippers that sit one top of the bag and are not recessed. I find recessed zippers harder to access and harder to see what is inside the bag, but some people love them, so it's great there is something for everyone. I also like snap closures with or without a flap. How about you? Do you have a preference on a bag closure?

I think this bag turned out great! I love this fabric combination together. There is something about Paris print fabric I just love. I think I love that most Paris fabric I have seen has written text on it and the word Paris or France or both on it and is usually in a collage style of some kind and of course the Eiffel Tower, which is a fabulous structure too. All those things are what I like, so maybe that is why I am drawn to Paris print fabric. I think I would love other cities too if they printed fabric in a similar way.

An Eiffel Tower charm on the zipper pull I made for this bag.

Inside the bag I added a zipper pocket and a slip pocket. 

The bag of the bag.

Instead of adding credit card pockets inside the purse, I prefer adding a little wallet instead, because making it removeable is better in my opinion.

There are 3 card pockets and the back pocket is deeper to allow for cash folded in half. Each pocket can hold more than one card too.

The matching set.

Above the exterior zipper pocket is a pocket with a separate phone pocket.

The exterior zipper pocket, opened.

The Eiffel Tower zipper pull and side view.

Inside view of the 2 pockets with the little wallet in the slip pocket.

Another look at the phone pocket from the wearer's perspective.

This bag is a great style bag packed with great features, whether it closes with a zipper or a flap with a snap or a snap alone, it is a great size for most women who don't want to carry a ton of stuff. It is also great with a curved top or a straight across top. I have made many modifications to this great bag pattern by ChrisW Designs on this one and a lot of past makes of Serendipity Hip bags too.

Let me know if you would like me to make you a custom Serendipity Hip Cross Body bag and what modifications, if any, that you would like. You can search in the search box located on the right side by typing in Serendipity Hip to see all the past bags in this style that I have made. They sure can look different depending on the fabric chosen.
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  1. So something good did come out of that show;) I love zippers because they are secure and fast to whip open.

  2. Another gorgeous bag, Daryl. My granddaughter would love this one with the Eiffel Tower!

  3. I love all your bags, but this one must be number one for me. It's just fantastic!

  4. Perfect fabric for this bag!


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