Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses #81-83 (for 2021)

3 more purses made for the Sew Powerful Purse Project

I just mailed a box of 30 purses off on Monday. So I will be sewing other things for a while and also sewing a purse here and there until I have enough to mail off another box. With the holiday postage rates increasing from October 3-December 26, I was glad to get that box mailed. I am not sure if I will make enough purses to fill a box before the purses head to Africa sometime in November. If I don't sew enough purses the rest of this year, they will just get mailed next year. The need is ongoing, so there is no hurry, except that Sew Powerful had a goal of 24,000 purses for this year and we don't know if they will make that goal or not until we hear later what the count is. 

Here are the latest 3 that I finished and are on their way to Renton, WA along with the other 27 in the box. I did mail 2 boxes of purses to them in the Spring, so I am feeling good about all the purses that I made this year.

This flap was a Pineapple Quilt block that I set on point and added strips in the four corners. Then I quilted it in wavy lines.

This blue fabric has a wood grain look to it.

This flap started as a quilt block too that I also set on point and added strips to the 4 corners.

I like this plaid fabric because it goes with lots of colors.

This was made from a quilt block too set on point with added strips. I offset the block a bit.

This is another fabric that works well with lots of colors.

I know there will be 30 girls who will receive the purses I sent, so that makes me happy knowing how much they will be used and loved.
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  1. I know doing this makes your heart happy and gives them the knowledge someone cares! You are special, Daryl!

  2. Wow - you're on your way to making a hundred bags. (Do you have a goal in mind?) Funny how I thought I liked the first flap, then the second and then it was the offset one that was my fave. Sometimes it's not about things being centered and even all around. Kudos for your continued efforts!


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