Tuesday, September 28, 2021

3 Water Bottle Slings in Hot Air Balloon Fabric

I got an order to make 3 Water Bottle Slings in Hot Air Balloon fabric print and made these earlier this month. The woman who ordered these said they are all going to the Albuquerque International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in October and her and her daughters would be wearing these water bottle sling there. They might end up putting a bottle of coffee or tea in them instead becuase the mornings of the Fiesta can be quite cold. 

The Fiesta starts in only a little more than 3 days! Last year the Fiesta was cancelled and became known as the Fiesta Siesta, lol! There have been lots of balloons flying this month and many have gone over our house. I never tire of seeing them in the sky.

On to the water bottle slings.

All three have the same exterior fabric, but different lining colors and zipper colors. I include a shoulder pad that is removeable too.

Red zipper and red waterproof canvas lining where the bottle fit.

Inside has 2 slip pocket and a pen pocket. You can fit a phone, passport, etc. inside. Plus I make a removeable little wallet that has 3 card pockets, the back pocket is the deepest one to hold folded cash. I prefer the removeable wallet rather than sewing in card slots into the bag. I think it's safer, easier to access and gives you a choice to carry the wallet in the bag or not.

I also add a hot air balloon charm to the beaded zipper pulls that I make. I only use these charms on bags with hot air balloons.

Next up is the lime green zipper with lime green waterproof canvas lining. Tip: I didn't have a lime green zipper, so I grabbed my fabric paint in lime green and I painted a white zipper. It even worked on the nylon zipper teeth.

Yellow zipper and yellow waterproof canvas lining.

I wonder if she will be stopped at the Balloon Fiesta and asked about her bags? I gave her a bunch of cards to hand out if anyone asks. The Fiesta starts this Saturday morning and runs for 9 days, so I'll see.
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  1. Daryl you did a wonderful job on these three water slings, I am sure they will get lots of comments on them and hopefully you will get some orders!

  2. Yay, the balloon festival is back! (I'll be checking out the photos.) Hope you get a lot of exposure with your "balloon bags". Cool that you'd actually have lime green fabric paint, by the way.

  3. PERFECT balloon fiesta swag, they are great and of course practical while your at the festival. I've been using mine mainly as a purse and it works great. love the fabric.

  4. Love these Daryl!! I had a wonderful surprise many years ago when my assistant and I drove to Colorado for a Medicare meeting. We drove over through a more northern route and came back home through New Mexico. We were able to catch some of the balloon festival that year. We pulled over on the side of the road and just watched for a while. It was beautiful!!

  5. You really do a great job on these water slings. I love this balloon one!

  6. They are all so pretty! As I was reading I was thinking you should give her your cards as she will probably get asked where she got them.


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