Friday, September 10, 2021

Wonder Woman & Super Woman H20 to Go Water Bottle Slings

I made a couple more Water Bottle Slings. One in Wonder Woman fabric and the other is all the Super Women: Wonder Woman, Bat Girl & Super Girl. I thought these might be a big hit at the craft show I did last Sunday, but I only had a few lookers. So these along with the water bottle sling in the train signage fabric and the Sugar Skulls fabric are the only 4 water bottle slings that I have for sale. I will only make more as a custom order from now on.

I thought the fabric I used would sell, since a lot of women and girls are into these super hero's. I know they will sell somewhere else. The holidays are coming soon.

This is the Super Women fabric water bottle sling.

I like to add a removeable shoulder pad becuase some water bottles can be heavy to carry, depending on the size bottle you use. These slings can hold a 64 ounce bottle and more, depending on the shape of the bottle.

The front of the bag features a large curved zipper pocket.

Inside the zipper pocket, there are 2 slip pockets, large enough to fit a phone and a passport wallet. Plus I also make a matching Little Wallet to fit into the pocket and there is a pen pocket too.

Here is the matching Little Wallet for the Super Women water bottle sling. IN order for the women to not appear upside down on the front flap, I had to piece 

Inside the wallet there are 3 slip pockets to hold cards and the back pocket is deeper for holding cash that is folded in half.

Next, here is the Wonder Woman water bottle sling.

The front zippered pocket.

Inside the zipper pocket the same pockets and little wallet.

The Little wallet on this one I appliquéd a blue star. I didn't want Wonder Woman to end up upside down when the wallet flap folded over.

Inside the wallet I was able to use Wonder Woman fabric for the lining, so you see her at the top.

Here they are both together.

The full view of both, showing the straps and shoulder pads.
 Both bags have waterproof lining where the bottle sits.

Contact me ASAP, if you are interested in purchasing one or both of these because they might go to the local shop on consignment soon. The Super Women with the pink background has SOLD! Wonder Woman is still available.
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  1. those are great fabrics for a water bottle holder. You need the energy of a super hero to be out and about in our current heat wave. you did a wonderful job of fussy cutting the fabric. these bags are so useful as a water bottle carrier and work well as a purse. great job as always.

  2. I am curious as to how the overall show went for you? I would think people would come out in droves since there were no shows last year. I only signed up for one show this year.

  3. Trying to play catch-up this morning! Love these water bottle holders!


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