Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sparks Avenue Knit Poncho

This is a poncho I knit using one of those variegated cake yarns. The cake yarn has very long runs of one color before the color changes. This was an easy to knit poncho. It's kind of hard to photograph without a model. I donated my mannequin because I had no place to keep her and every time I would pick her up her limbs would fall off, so she was a pain to deal with. Plus having to drag her outside in the good lighting was also an ordeal, so off she got donated.

The opening is for the head. It can be worn so that the poncho points down like this in the front, or turned so that the sides are longer.

You can see the color changes like a rainbow.
The Sparks Avenue Poncho is a free pattern.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Chevron Knit Scarf in Variegated Colors

I knit this Chevron scarf using a variegated fingering weight yarn. I like the Chevron pattern as it looks great and is easy to knit too.

My tree model, lol!

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Large Drawstring Project Knitting Bag in Echinacea Fabric Print

Besides sunflowers, Echinacea (coneflowers) are my favorite flowers. I bought 3 colorways of this Echinacea Glow fabric (by Anna Marie Horner) to make some things for myself. I made this large project bag for my knitting and used that cute owl print for the pocket. It went well with this colorway of this Echinacea print.

I love this project bag in the large size (the smaller size is great too). It holds my project in the bag, has a handle and a drawstring closure, plus I added a slip pocket on the front and a zippered pocket on the back of the bag. Zippers and yarn don't mix well because the yarn can (and does) get caught on the zipper, so I didn't want a zippered closure or a zippered pocket inside where the yarn is, but a zippered pocket is perfect on the back of the bag.

The front pocket is perfect to hold a pattern if it is printed on paper.

Zippered pocket on back of bag away from the yarn so it doesn't get caught.

The perfect zipper pull with charm.

Peeking inside the zippered pocket.

The bag is quilted and here it is with the drawstring closed. I use cord stops to keep it closed.

Bottom view.

My current knitting project inside the bag, which is a pullover sweater.

Side view.

Inside the bag is roomy.

Batik lining fabric.

I do have this style bag in a different print in my Etsy shop in both large and small sizes (without the owl) and I have another large one for sale here on my blog with the owl (check bags for sale at the top of the blog). I can also make you a small or large size in the colors of your choice, just contact me if you want one of these project knitting bags.
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Monday, September 28, 2020

Pockets a Plenty Zipper Pouch

I finally made Pockets A Plenty zippered pouch (So Sew Easy pdf). I have had this pattern for a long time! It's a really nice zippered pouch and does have a few pockets (4 pockets), but it took much longer to sew than most zippered pouches. Of course the first time making something does take time, but the binding on the gussets (the fold over part sewn by hand) did add even more time to making this bag.

I think there are a few things I could eliminate to make it sew faster, but how would that look? Might have to try it one day. I could leave off the pink vertical pieces you see on the bag as those are purely decoration. And the back of the bag I could leave off the pink accent around the zipper, but it looks so nice. I could sew the sides on so that the raw edges are on the lining side instead of the outside (where I sewed binding over the raw edges) and zigzag stitch the raw edges instead of adding the binding, but would any of those changes save me that much time or make the bag look too different? 

It's just that the time it took to make this sweet little pouch is about the same amount of time I spend making a larger bag like a cross body bag and if I am selling bags, I can charge more for a cross body bag than a zippered pouch. I just don't think most people would pay a lot for a small zippered pouch, so why spend more time (and money) making this one, when I can make others this size and larger for less time and money? If I added a strap to this one, I could sell it for more than I could a zippered pouch. So it is doubtful I would make anymore of these unless I did add a cross body strap to one or if a client requested that I make one. So, I might keep this one or I might sell it, I am undecided right now. Meanwhile, I will put it on the shelf in my closet with the 100's of other bags of all kinds that I have made, waiting for the craft shows to happen again, so that I can sell it if I do decided to sell it. 

It is a very sweet zippered pouch and I love the fabrics I chose for this one.

Behind the horizontal pink band is a slip pocket.

The back has a zippered pocket.

It's a nice neat zippered pocket.

This is the slip pocket on the front.

Inside is a divided slip pocket and a zippered pocket.

The side gusset with the binding.

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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Nora Doctor Bag

This is the Nora Doctor Bag by Swoon. It comes in 3 sizes in the pdf and this is the large size (it measures  13.5″ x 10″ x 6″), which is quite roomy; there is also a small and a traveler size in the pdf too.  There are no frames used in this bag. It does use boning to give the top edge of the bag some stiffness though. 

I really love the purple and aqua colors and print combination of this bag, don't you?

I added a triple stacked button as a bit of bling to the flap/tab. It closes with a magnetic snap, so the button is purely decorative. The patterns suggest using a twist or turn lock closure, but a magnetic snap works well too.

I added purse feet on the bottom to keep the bottom cleaner.

The hardest part for me sewing this bag is the sides. It was the thickest part to topstitch too around the curves. Just make sure you use a larger needle like a 16 or even an 18 jeans needle.

I added a slip pocket to the bag between the straps on both the front of the bag and the back of the bag to hold keys (or a phone). It seemed like the perfect place to add a pocket. There is no pocket instructions for this in the pdf, I just added it.

This is the front pocket. The magnetic snap is above the pocket.

To show how roomy the bag is I put my wallet, sunglasses case, folded shopping bag inside. Plus there is a slip pocket and pen pocket that I added (not in the pattern) and zippered pocket inside as well.

Here is the inside without anything inside to show you.

The divided slip pocket that I added to the bag.

I really love this style of bag and may have to make the small one next. If you love this or any of Swoon patterns, please check them all out here. (I am an affiliate of Swoon. It is my only affiliate. 

This bag is also for sale. If you are interested please contact me  This bag has SOLD.

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Snap it Up Baskets

I cannot believe I had forgotten all about posting these baskets! I showed you some in plastic I made recently, but then I was asked about fabric ones, and I couldn't find them on my blog, so duh, I forgot to share these with you. 

These Snap it Up Baskets are a Moments by Liz pdf and they come in several sizes on her Facebook group (in the files for free) or the 5" x 7" x 3" size only in her Etsy Shop. Now I won't be able to tell you what size each basket is since I forgot all about posting these and do you think I can remember which sizes I made? LOL! I can tell you they aren't hard to make and you can make in all one fabric or choose a different fabric for the lining. They can be snapped up with the lining out or in, so they can be reversed. 

These baskets are great because when not in use they store flat. When you need a basket then you snap it up, hence the name. They would be great for travel as they fit in a suitcase flat and then you snap it up to hold your various items, such as your cosmetics in the bathroom. They would also be great made in holiday fabrics to hold candies or napkins, keys, etc. So many ideas come to mind. Plus they make fun gifts too.
Here are a few that I made back in February. I have several more that I just need to finish the final sewing and add the snaps and then I can show you some more another day.

This was the first basket I made in all one fabric print.

I had made a free form patchwork piece and it was just the right size for making this basket. It's on the outside in this photo.

I unsnapped it here.

This is the patchwork side of the basket, unsnapped.

The patchwork side snapped to be the lining side here.

I made 2 baskets in the same fabrics, so I can show you how they look both  unsnapped and snapped. 

Same fabrics in 2 different sized baskets.

When you make several sizes and snap them up, the smallest size can nest inside the next size up and so on up to the largest size.

If you join Liz's Facebook group, you can get all the basket sizes for free that are in the files section in about 3 separate pdf's. Plus she has other free pdf's in the files too. Pin It Now!
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