Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Enlarged Mini Hipster Bag in Blue Batik

This Hipster Bag was a custom order for a friend of mine. Blue was the requested color and batik or denim was the fabric desired. I showed her the 2 batik blue fabrics that I had enough fabric to make a bag and this was the winner. The lining color request was light blue, cream or yellow. I had a great yellow/cream fabric that I thought went really well, so I chose that. I made a matching Little Wallet to go with the bag too.

This is the back side of the bag.

The matching Little Wallet to go with the bag.

The Little Wallet opened.

Inside is a dived slip pocket and a zippered pocket.

I made a pen pocket on each side of the center larger pocket. A nail file can also be placed into the pen pocket.

Under the flap of the bag is a divided slip pocket, so there are 2 pockets. I added a rivet under the snap, where the stitching is that divides the pocket in half, so there is less stress on the stitching there. As you can see the flap stays in place with the magnetic snap.

The strap connector is riveted in place and I added metal strap ends too.

I wanted to photograph this bag on a few different backgrounds.

The adjustable strap allows the bag to be lengthened or shortened to the person's preferred length and to wear on shoulder or across body.

This bag is now on its way to the new owner. It sure feels good to make a bag and have someone love it and use it. Another satisfied customer!

Let me know if you want a bag made for you. You can choose the colors and the style of the bag. To see all the bags I have made in the past several years click on the tab above that says, Bag Gallery.

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  1. I used to didn't care much for blue, but it's really grown on me. And you bag is gorgeous! Such a cute pattern as well. I love those little wallets so much, I purchased the pattern. Still have to make one though!! LOL

  2. Beautiful work as usual, was this the first Daryl bag your friend has? I am sure she will love it.


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