Saturday, September 26, 2020

Snap it Up Baskets

I cannot believe I had forgotten all about posting these baskets! I showed you some in plastic I made recently, but then I was asked about fabric ones, and I couldn't find them on my blog, so duh, I forgot to share these with you. 

These Snap it Up Baskets are a Moments by Liz pdf and they come in several sizes on her Facebook group (in the files for free) or the 5" x 7" x 3" size only in her Etsy Shop. Now I won't be able to tell you what size each basket is since I forgot all about posting these and do you think I can remember which sizes I made? LOL! I can tell you they aren't hard to make and you can make in all one fabric or choose a different fabric for the lining. They can be snapped up with the lining out or in, so they can be reversed. 

These baskets are great because when not in use they store flat. When you need a basket then you snap it up, hence the name. They would be great for travel as they fit in a suitcase flat and then you snap it up to hold your various items, such as your cosmetics in the bathroom. They would also be great made in holiday fabrics to hold candies or napkins, keys, etc. So many ideas come to mind. Plus they make fun gifts too.
Here are a few that I made back in February. I have several more that I just need to finish the final sewing and add the snaps and then I can show you some more another day.

This was the first basket I made in all one fabric print.

I had made a free form patchwork piece and it was just the right size for making this basket. It's on the outside in this photo.

I unsnapped it here.

This is the patchwork side of the basket, unsnapped.

The patchwork side snapped to be the lining side here.

I made 2 baskets in the same fabrics, so I can show you how they look both  unsnapped and snapped. 

Same fabrics in 2 different sized baskets.

When you make several sizes and snap them up, the smallest size can nest inside the next size up and so on up to the largest size.

If you join Liz's Facebook group, you can get all the basket sizes for free that are in the files section in about 3 separate pdf's. Plus she has other free pdf's in the files too. Pin It Now!


  1. Ah! they are! I love them in fabric. It looks like you had a lot of fun making bunches of these.

  2. these baskets are genius. they show off fabric, store easily and are so practical. what a great gift for everyone. i can think of so many things you can store in them. you of course chose wonderful fabrics. great job

  3. What a cool idea and you have so many wonderful fabric choices! I'll go check out her FB.

  4. Nifty baskets, yes, but I'm admiring that glasses case that you've got in one of them...

  5. Very nice baskets!! They look lovely in fabric.

  6. Beautiful baskets. They are great to use when travelling too.


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