Monday, September 28, 2020

Pockets a Plenty Zipper Pouch

I finally made Pockets A Plenty zippered pouch (So Sew Easy pdf). I have had this pattern for a long time! It's a really nice zippered pouch and does have a few pockets (4 pockets), but it took much longer to sew than most zippered pouches. Of course the first time making something does take time, but the binding on the gussets (the fold over part sewn by hand) did add even more time to making this bag.

I think there are a few things I could eliminate to make it sew faster, but how would that look? Might have to try it one day. I could leave off the pink vertical pieces you see on the bag as those are purely decoration. And the back of the bag I could leave off the pink accent around the zipper, but it looks so nice. I could sew the sides on so that the raw edges are on the lining side instead of the outside (where I sewed binding over the raw edges) and zigzag stitch the raw edges instead of adding the binding, but would any of those changes save me that much time or make the bag look too different? 

It's just that the time it took to make this sweet little pouch is about the same amount of time I spend making a larger bag like a cross body bag and if I am selling bags, I can charge more for a cross body bag than a zippered pouch. I just don't think most people would pay a lot for a small zippered pouch, so why spend more time (and money) making this one, when I can make others this size and larger for less time and money? If I added a strap to this one, I could sell it for more than I could a zippered pouch. So it is doubtful I would make anymore of these unless I did add a cross body strap to one or if a client requested that I make one. So, I might keep this one or I might sell it, I am undecided right now. Meanwhile, I will put it on the shelf in my closet with the 100's of other bags of all kinds that I have made, waiting for the craft shows to happen again, so that I can sell it if I do decided to sell it. 

It is a very sweet zippered pouch and I love the fabrics I chose for this one.

Behind the horizontal pink band is a slip pocket.

The back has a zippered pocket.

It's a nice neat zippered pocket.

This is the slip pocket on the front.

Inside is a divided slip pocket and a zippered pocket.

The side gusset with the binding.

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  1. it is a fun size pouch with great pockets. after reading what you wrote i want you to send a photo of your closet full of purse treasures. great job as always.

  2. It’s a cute bag with a lot of fun details. I love the bright bold fabrics. I suppose it is a time consuming bag to make for sale at a reasonable price. As you said, I don’t think the changes would make all that much difference in the amount of time it takes to make the bag. But you’ve made it, and now you know. At a show the right person might just come along and have to have it.

  3. It's so cute!! I love pink on black, especially along with the other bright pops of color! Very nice pattern!

  4. I can see why it took longer with all the little details, but it really is darling.

  5. That is one cute little pouch. The name "pouch" implies to me that things are going to be stored in it. But does a pouch need a bunch of zippered compartments? I'm with you on not spending time or materials on a pouch to be added to a vending situation. I've made several cute pouches for storage -- one I like really well is by Terri Atkinson of Atkinson Designs' Bridget's Bagettes. It's easy to make and has a cool clear plastic front so the cute fabric you use to make it is visible as is whatever you store in it.


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