Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Seagull Paradise Block 1

I am making the Seagull Paradise from Suzy's Sitcom. This is the first block. I loved it when I saw it and made it fairly quickly. Usually I download the blocks and it takes me months or years (or never) to make any of them, but this one was just too cute!

I decided to quilt the block and possibly do a quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) with the other blocks (which come out monthly) or just add borders around this and finish the block as a wall quilt or table runner? Since I will have to wait each month to see what the other blocks will look like, I will wait until they have all been released to decide how I will finish it or them. I may choose to leave some out or not, so time will tell as I see them and decide whether I want to make each block or just some.

The seagulls remind me of growing up in California and my time on the beaches there.

The background fabrics are all batik in 3 different blue shades.

I used a variegated floss for the curled grasses, which are stitched by hand.

Tiny buttons were used for their eyes.

I used a few different white prints for the gulls and a couple different oranges for their beaks and feet. I satin stitched their legs by machine.
Looking forward to seeing what the block for October will look like.
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  1. Oh my gosh, Daryl, they really are adorable! They remind me of our many summer vacations at the ocean in Santa Cruz, CA when I was growing up. We have seagulls at all the lakes in Wisconsin too, but when I see them they bring back memories of Cali. I love that you gave them different color beaks and feet and legs.

  2. that is adorable, i can think of many possible ways to incorporate those seagulls. the first thing is it reminded me of your owl wall hanging that's done in the block that is called, something window?? i can't think of the name at the moment. there are 4 owls in it and they are peeking out at you. What ever you end up making using these cutie seagulls will be so fun. great job as always.

  3. I love it when something grabs me and I start right away. Yay you! I like these gulls very much and have wanted to applique something new...thank you for sharing. I'm going to check out Suzy's Sitcom.

  4. That is such a cute block. I can't wait to see more!!

  5. Super cute seagulls, Daryl. I have so many patterns downloaded that I will probably never touch.


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