Thursday, September 10, 2020

Seneca Creek Cross Body Bag, Enlarged

I made this Seneca Creek Cross Body bag (Betz White pattern) and enlarged it 10%. I think I will keep this bag for myself for when I sell at craft shows again (hopefully next year). I will wear it while I sell instead of the vendor apron that I had been wearing. I want to see if I prefer wearing a bag to keep my things in like cards, pens, cash, keys, glasses, etc. Since I sell bags, I may as well be wearing one of my bags, right? Maybe I will get more sales for this style? I do make it in the original size and this is the second one I have made in the slightly larger size.

While brown is not my color (you know how I love my bright colors), I do love the batik sunflower print and I wanted to try using the brown accent fabric that looks like tooled leather. This combination of fabrics I think looks great together and the brass hardware was perfect too.

This bag features a zippered closure on top. A flap with an envelope style pocket under the flap. Inside is a divided slip pocket and a zippered pocket. The strap is adjustable to wear across the body or shorten for wearing on a shoulder.

There is an envelope style pocket under the flap.

The faux leather doesn't unravel and because it can get a bit thick when sewing, I sewed the little pointed strap on the flap like you would leather, by placing wrong sides together and topstitching on top. No turning that narrow piece! It would have been to thick and difficult to turn, so what I did worked great.

The back of the bag shows the sunflower print the best.

Of course I made a matching Little Wallet too.

Inside is a divided slip pocket to hold a pen and the Little Wallet or a pad of paper. A zippered pocket too.

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  1. Interesting fabric. I don't usually go for brown myself, but this combo works. You've got me intrigued... you'll have to report back on whether you like a bag or an apron at these shows!

  2. the batik fabric is gorgeous. a long time ago i bought the exact same faux leather fabric to use in a craft project. i wanted to make a fake belt for a mini book i was making. its really pretty fabric. you did an excellent job you took advantage of the narrow space on the inside with your zipper pocket and other pockets. great job as always.

  3. I made that same bag when I was part of The bag of the Month club and I have also used the same faux leather on other bags. It has proved to be a durable faux leather. Great job.

    1. Thanks Chris for your comment. You are a no-reply so I couldn't email you. I too made my first Seneca Creek as part of the Bag of the Month Club. That is good to know about this faux leather since this is the first time I have used it.

  4. You make such nice bags - you're a pro!


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