Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Large Drawstring Project Knitting Bag in Echinacea Fabric Print

Besides sunflowers, Echinacea (coneflowers) are my favorite flowers. I bought 3 colorways of this Echinacea Glow fabric (by Anna Marie Horner) to make some things for myself. I made this large project bag for my knitting and used that cute owl print for the pocket. It went well with this colorway of this Echinacea print.

I love this project bag in the large size (the smaller size is great too). It holds my project in the bag, has a handle and a drawstring closure, plus I added a slip pocket on the front and a zippered pocket on the back of the bag. Zippers and yarn don't mix well because the yarn can (and does) get caught on the zipper, so I didn't want a zippered closure or a zippered pocket inside where the yarn is, but a zippered pocket is perfect on the back of the bag.

The front pocket is perfect to hold a pattern if it is printed on paper.

Zippered pocket on back of bag away from the yarn so it doesn't get caught.

The perfect zipper pull with charm.

Peeking inside the zippered pocket.

The bag is quilted and here it is with the drawstring closed. I use cord stops to keep it closed.

Bottom view.

My current knitting project inside the bag, which is a pullover sweater.

Side view.

Inside the bag is roomy.

Batik lining fabric.

I do have this style bag in a different print in my Etsy shop in both large and small sizes (without the owl) and I have another large one for sale here on my blog with the owl (check bags for sale at the top of the blog). I can also make you a small or large size in the colors of your choice, just contact me if you want one of these project knitting bags.
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  1. is this one of your own patterns? it is perfect, i love how you used the owl print it really shows it off well. what a perfect knitting bag and you are right about yarn getting caught on inside zippers. great job as always.


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