Thursday, September 24, 2020

Snap it Up Baskets in Plastic

I made several Snap it Up Baskets in fabric when the pattern first came out. It's a pdf from Moments by Liz.  But I wanted to try using some plastic and so I went to the Dollar store and bought a few plastic placemats and a couple if plastic notebooks too. The I played and experimented with making some of the baskets in different sizes.

The placemats were a bit thicker plastic, so they felt the nicest. These didn't require any sewing, so this is a much faster project than sewing them, but of course yielded different results too. Whether made of plastic or fabric, they snap together to form the basket and when you unsnap them, they can lie flat to be stored. They are great for travel, since you store them flat until needed. The plastic ones would be good for travel since they can be wiped clean.

You can put all kinds of items in the baskets. I sometimes use mine to put things in that I am working on in another room or to store small things in like clips.

So here are my plastic baskets~

This is a pretty plastic placemat.

This is another plastic placemat.

I love that this is actually Made in the USA! You don't see too many things that are still made here anymore.

First basket.

The bottom.

This is a plastic folder that if you look closely will see it's stitches, which I liked. But this plastic was thinner and while it made a basket, I preferred the placemat thickness.

Closer look at the various stitching printing on the plastic.

I loved this print of the hearts on a plastic notebook binder. I cut the metal part off so I had the front and back of the binder to work with.

Here is that first basket again. I used white snaps inside to match the inside and green snaps to go with the outside.
6 baskets in different sizes.

I made 3 with the stitches-look. I stapled the one in front.

I used clear packing tape to tape together the upper left one because I didn't have a large enough piece of plastic. It worked.

I made 2 baskets out of this placemat.

I got 2 baskets out of the binder notebook.

Another basket in this placemat.

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  1. These are very interesting, Daryl. Did you previously make them with fabric? If you did, how would I search for that post. I don’t remember seeing one. Designs in either plastic or fabric would be endless.

  2. Well that is different! And easily wiped clean. :)

  3. love those, the plastic placemats are so pretty. I will try using my snap tool and see if I can get it to work again. these are lovely I can't believe how many you made.


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