Sunday, September 27, 2020

Nora Doctor Bag

This is the Nora Doctor Bag by Swoon. It comes in 3 sizes in the pdf and this is the large size (it measures  13.5″ x 10″ x 6″), which is quite roomy; there is also a small and a traveler size in the pdf too.  There are no frames used in this bag. It does use boning to give the top edge of the bag some stiffness though. 

I really love the purple and aqua colors and print combination of this bag, don't you?

I added a triple stacked button as a bit of bling to the flap/tab. It closes with a magnetic snap, so the button is purely decorative. The patterns suggest using a twist or turn lock closure, but a magnetic snap works well too.

I added purse feet on the bottom to keep the bottom cleaner.

The hardest part for me sewing this bag is the sides. It was the thickest part to topstitch too around the curves. Just make sure you use a larger needle like a 16 or even an 18 jeans needle.

I added a slip pocket to the bag between the straps on both the front of the bag and the back of the bag to hold keys (or a phone). It seemed like the perfect place to add a pocket. There is no pocket instructions for this in the pdf, I just added it.

This is the front pocket. The magnetic snap is above the pocket.

To show how roomy the bag is I put my wallet, sunglasses case, folded shopping bag inside. Plus there is a slip pocket and pen pocket that I added (not in the pattern) and zippered pocket inside as well.

Here is the inside without anything inside to show you.

The divided slip pocket that I added to the bag.

I really love this style of bag and may have to make the small one next. If you love this or any of Swoon patterns, please check them all out here. (I am an affiliate of Swoon. It is my only affiliate. 

This bag is also for sale. If you are interested please contact me  This bag has SOLD.

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  1. what an adorable bag, great color combination its very cheerful especially with the added button on the flap. i adore the snap closures and i think the added outside pocket is very useful as well. its a unique look and so well done.
    great job


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