Thursday, September 3, 2020

Fabric Applique Postcards

I made several fabric postcards a few months ago. Each card measures 4" x 6". They are suitable for mailing as is or for safety and to keep it cleaner you can place in an envelope for mailing. You can frame with or without a mat or hang as is. They are just cute little works of art.

I was experimenting a bit with the edge finishing. I zigzagged stitched around most of them. Some I added yarn around the edges that I stitched. Some are eyelash or fuzzy yarn. The bear with the scarf I tried Annie's method. I need more practice because mine is not as neat as Annie's.

I am selling these, so you can scroll to the bottom if you want to purchase any of these postcards.

Little Geisha. SOLD!

House and sunflower. SOLD!!!

Dragon. SOLD!

Witchy legs. Eyelash yarn edging. SOLD!

Bear with bow. 
Contact me if you want to purchase this postcard.

Contact me if you want to purchase this postcard. Sold!

VW Bus. SOLD!!

Boo ghost. He is stitched with glow in the dark thread. SOLD!!!

Bear with scarf. 
Contact me if you want to purchase this postcard.

The back of the cards all look similar to this with a postcard stamp.
Postcards are $6 each + $.75 postage (total $6.75 each)

Three remaining postcards available: Camper, bear with bow and bear with scarf.
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  1. please save the one with the witch feet for me, i will buy it. you don't need to mail it i can pick it up. i love these each one is so adorable. i have a soft spot for fabric postcards if you do mail them i find its best to use an envelope its safer. great job let me know when i can pick it up and pay you. great job as always.

  2. I love seeing fabric postcard inspiration. These are all so cute! I’ve been satisfying my addiction by making some myself.

  3. These are all soooo cute, Daryl. I love making postcards. I actually have some clear mailing bags for them! I bought them to sell on my website but only sold a few! That's the way it goes! Great job!

  4. Hi Daryl - I ordered the VW postcard. Jackie

  5. I love the little camper one but they are all super sweet.

  6. What a talented lady you are! These are so very cute!

  7. Those are just all too cute! They would make such a nice surprise for those loved ones we can't visit right now.

  8. I received my dragon in yesterday's mail. I love him. thanks so much. he's a great addition to my collection.


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