Friday, April 26, 2024

QuickStitch Tote from ChrisW Designs

I loved testing this this great looking QuickStitch Tote bag for ChrisW Designs! It's nice and roomy, without being huge. You can use webbing or make fabric handles. You can add the slip pocket to the front or both the front and the back of the bag (like I did). Inside is a zipper pocket with a cool-looking zipper overlay that has 2 credit card slots as well! (Other zipper overlay shapes with 2 credit card slots are also available to purchase separately.  The zipper overlay pdf includes 8 designs and lots of zipper sizes to add to any bag that you want to have a zipper overlay! (It's on sale for a limited time now too)!

Bag measures: 16” wide x 12” high x 4 ½” deep.

I used a couple of woven straps my good friend gave to me that are from Guatemala. They were longer than needed and had fringe on the ends, so I cut the excess length off and will use those cut off pieces in something else I make😉. I added some antique brass rivets for extra security as well as a bit of bling.

Front slip pocket is roomy and perfect for a phone and I added another one on the back of the bag too, which can hold keys or other items.

Say "ahh". I love how wide this bag opens! And there is the zipper overlay with the credit card slots. I used the exterior fabric for the overlay. I love this fabric with the postal cancellation stamps for the lining. If you need more pockets a slip pocket across from the zipper pocket could be added. The tote closes with a magnetic snap and that is why it can open so wide. 

If you have a machine that can cut things like a Cricut or Scan 'N Cut, then cutting these overlays would be a great use to be able to cut your cork or vinyl with a machine like that and the SVG files are included in the pdf pattern. Alas, I do not own a machine like that, so I had to hand trace the pattern and hand cut it out. The hardest part to hand cut was the slots for the credit cards as they are so narrow. I think if my material was a bit stiffer, it would have been easier to cut for me. 

You can add purse feet as an option, but I should have space them out just a bit more. They do the job, so that's what matters.

The handles were wider than the instructions called for, so I folded the center part in and stitched them to make a nicer grab handle part.

I took this bag to my Stitch Group to show everyone. I had not used it before and placed my knitting inside it. After I shared it during Show & Tell, I was asked if I had others made, which I did not, but said I could make in any color or I could sell this one, and so she bought this bag! Yay! I wasn't expecting that, so it was nice for her and for me! She liked the size and thought it would be a better bag for her knitting and crochet than what she was using. I can always make another for anyone who wants to buy one and they could choose the color they prefer.

Check out the tester's QuickStitch Totes here. On SALE now for 15% off, but hurry as the sale is for a limited time only and in Australian time! And be sure to sign up for Christine's newsletter so you never miss a sale or a freebie as you never know what she might be giving away or heavily discounting only for her newsletter subscribers. It's worth joining. *Hint: sign up for the newsletter to get this tote pattern for free now!

Happy bag toting!

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  1. great looking bag, I'm not surprised it got snatched up right away. its always so fun to see something made with fabric i have as well. i love the interior fabric. its a perfect bag for carrying a craft project very roomy. great job as always

  2. Samantha BurnsideFriday, April 26, 2024

    Another beautiful bag! I love the fabric used on the outside of this one. It looks like leather in the pictures. I'm not surprised it sold on its first outing. It's gorgeous and practical! Great job as always!

  3. What a pretty bag, and what a compliment (and bonus) to have someone buy it! You did such a neat job on it, especially that interior pocket - looks store-bought! Where did you get your antique rivets, and do you have a rivet tool or do you hammer them into place?


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