Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Sew Powerful Purse #62 (2024) for a Special Girl

Sew Powerful sent out their newsletter and they had a small fundraiser that 20 people could join in doing. The idea was to make a purse and mail it to one of the women who is going on the trip to Zambia with some other people in May and she would hand deliver your purse and get a photograph taken of the girl with the purse that you made. There was a donation fee to be paid too, of course. I jumped on this as soon as I read it! I didn't know if I would ever be able to make the trip to Zambia and hand deliver several of my purses to girls, so this was the next best thing! I am so excited to see the girl who receives my purse.

I wanted this purse to be special. I had purchased several canvas prints last year and made one flap, but I couldn't find it! I looked everywhere too. Well it will turn up one day and I will finish making that purse. So in the meanwhile, I grabbed another print and made this flap and completed the purse.

I was at my quilt group last Thursday and won the nametag drawing (again)! That's twice this year I have won. I hadn't won anything in several years past. I received 2 fat quarters of fabric, some sock monkey buttons, a spool of metallic pink thread and a magnetic pin cup. Yay!!! So I used the fat quarter to make the exterior and the other one for the main lining of this purse, but had to use a fabric I had for the flap lining as the fat quarter wasn't large enough to cut all the lining pieces.

I sewed ribbons around the canvas print to bring it up to flap size, stitching each ribbon in place with a decorative stitch using a variegated thread, then I added some buttons, a handmade label, and stitched a decorative stitch down the center of the webbing too.

The flap with the added sewn ribbons around the flap. The canvas print was actually taller with the full dress showing, so I had to cut the height down to fit the height of the flap.

Showing the entire flap and part of the back of the purse
Here is the full view of the flap, since about 2-inches folds to the back side and you couldn't see those other ribbons.

Back fo the purse with a slip pokcet
Back of the purse I added a slip pocket and I sewed in 2 strips of the lining fabric to make the pocket wide enough.

Showing front of purse with flap lining
Front of the purse shows the pocket under the flap and the flap lining.

Peeking inside purse to show lining fabric
Peeking inside the purse to show the lining fabric.

I have several more canvas prints of women that are all different, that I can create more purses for more girls in the future. But I better get the purses I have cut out in kits finished up first. Then I can cut more kits to have ready to sew.

I should have a photo of the girl with this purse sometime in June, so be sure and come back to see it. 

Happy Purse Sewing!

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  1. Oh, it will be so cool to see the girl who receives your purse!

  2. Very nice!! It will be great to have a photo of the young lady who receives your purse. Awesome, Daryl!

  3. All the purses are wonderful but this one especially so. It will be thrilling to 'see the girl' who receives your wonderful gift!

  4. this is marvelous i haven't seen fabric with a design like this. the girls will treasure it. she is stunning


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