Sunday, December 9, 2018

Hoot & Holler Owl Table Runner

When I saw this adorable table runner on the Wooden Bear Pattern site, I loved it and had to make one. I have a round table, so of course this runner won't work on my table, but it is for sale in my Etsy Shop. SOLD!!!

I will be making myself a round version, including about 3 owls and maybe some pumpkins too. I hope it will turn out looking as cute as this runner does. If I start soon, it should be done by next Autumn, you think?

I used mostly batik fabrics in making this runner. I just love batik fabrics! I added buttons for his eyes and colorful buttons along the scalloped edges too and a bit of hand embroidery for the scarf fringe. This Hooty Owl is all bundled up for the cold weather and ready to dress up your dining room table.

I added colorful buttons on the scallop.

I love how the button eyes gives this owl such personality.

A branch of leaves and acorns make this an Autumn table runner, but it's cute enough to use any time of the year.

This owl table runner will dress up any dining room table.
Runner measures 12" x 35 1/2". One-of-a-kind runner in my Etsy Shop. While I can make this again in other fabric colors and prints, it will never be repeated exactly like this one, making it one-of-a-kind.
This runner SOLD 10/2021 at a local gift shop.

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  1. so friggin adorable. i love everything about it. the turquoise scarf really sets off the owl. the little buttons match perfectly. the owls make you smile to look at. it would be great where ever you end up using it. i love the folk art tree as well. well done i'm sure your round version will be just as lovely.

  2. Whooooo couldn't love these little cutie patooties!!

  3. This is just adorable, Daryl! I love owls! You did a great job! The buttons really add the finishing touch! I love The Wooden Bear patterns!

  4. Ohh I love your table runner. Too cute!

  5. That scarf batik is so perfect, and the eyes DO give him personality. I look forward to seeing your round one. I have a round table, too!


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