Saturday, December 1, 2018

Take a Stand, The Stand Up Tote #2

A friend of mine saw my Take a Stand The Stand Up Tote (byAnnie Pattern) that I had tested for Annie last year and commissioned me to make her one too. She wanted purple and turquoise. So I made this one for her in batik fabric.

I had stitched some decorative stitches on the accent of mine and she liked that too, so I stitched it on her bag too, only a bit differently. I couldn't repeat the exact same stitches in the exact same way even if I wanted to. Last month I delivered this to her and she loved it, which makes me just s happy as it made her!

Decorative machine stitches, hand French knots, buttons and crystals embellish the accent strip. There is a zippered pocket across the front and the back of this bag too.

Bag closes with a zipper and the bag is nice and deep.

Zippered pocket on the back of the bag is large too.

Inside the bag is roomy and has mesh pockets that are divided. 

To show you how much this can hold, I put in my large wallet, a strawberry fold up bag, sunglasses, reading glasses, a coin purse, and keys.

After testing the #StandUpTote, Annie added a larger size than this one to the pattern. That one is large enough to hold most irons if you take it to class or retreat. The smaller bag can be used as a purse or a project bag. It is sure pretty enough to use however you want to.

Here is the pattern cover from Annie's site to shoe you both sizes. I need to make the large size one day too.
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  1. Gorgeous bag, Daryl! The fabrics go so well together. It doesn’t look like it, but does this bag have a frame? I can never afford to make the bags with extra hardware to purchase. I just love making bags, of all sorts.

  2. Love, love those colors. The stitching adds a personal touch, another fab job.


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