Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Large Bag for Knitting Stuff

I wanted to try and make a larger knitting bag, so I made this bag from a combination of several bags I have made in the past. I love the size and shape and the way it opens up nice and wide too. 

I added front and back outside pockets and a zippered and slip pocket inside. I accented the bag with "uncorked" purple fabric, which is made to look like real cork. I will be making some more knitting bags to sell later as time permits.

I love this fabric of colorful knitting, yarn balls and knitting needles. It's from the Knitty Kitty line by Benartex. I usually do not buy any new fabrics, since I have so much, but when I saw something a friend made in this fabric I had to have some and had to search all over the internet to find it as it is not the newest line and must have sold out most places.

My first time adding purse feet and well I do not know how I got them on a bit crooked! I measured evenly (I thought!). I added a second layer of foam to the bottom to make it sturdier and added feet. I will be more careful on the next bag with feet I make.

Nice and deep inside. Bag opens wide and there is a slip pocket as well as a large zippered pocket inside.

A little uncorked fabric accent on the slip pocket.

Zippered pocket with my handmade zipper pull.

This is the beginning of my shawl/scarf project. Placed it inside the bag to show you how roomy the bag is. 

Here is the large knitting bag with some matching tool and project bag that I made recently. The project bag in the back is for sale in my Etsy shop and the tool bag I made 3 of those and they are for sale. I made them all with this same fabric, but different accent fabrics. I just wanted to show how this would look as a set.

I added a cute button with a painted flower on the zipper tab end for a bit of bling.

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  1. Cool - love it! It's fun to take something and make it "just so" for your own needs, isn't it? While I'm not a knitter, I do appreciate how you seem to have the right fabric for just about everything. ;-)

  2. Hi Daryl! What a lovely bag! It is so nice and deep and wide - plus those two pockets make it even more better. Cute fabric choices, too! It almost makes me want to take up knitting . . . just for the cute bag. Happy Tuesday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. It's great to have it all coordinated. That would be a good bag for any crafty supplies.

  4. Love all the little details. And your little tag inside-cute! I think you could make bags in your sleep!!

  5. a large knitting bag is so useful. I've made the mistake of using Velcro in a knitting bag and that was a disaster. The fabric you chose is perfect, love the large size and all the little details as well. i used feet for the first time in a bag i made and yesterday i noticed that one of them broke, i have no idea how. its a real disappointment because it really can't be fixed now that the bag is finished. you will get lots of admiring comments when people see you out and about with your kitting projects in your fantastic bag.

  6. I love it too!!! I send a link to your post to share it with my mom too...as she's a knitter and she loved it too! Great fabric and size!!


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