Thursday, December 20, 2018

Attention: Changes Happening Soon With Craftsy

Hello friends,
I received an email from Craftsy explaining how they would change things soon. They let me know I was one of their "Top Designers", however, they could remove some of my pdf patterns that aren't selling well. This will be happening soon. Well I can tell you the only thing that has made me a top designer is the FREE pdf's I have offered since I first joined Craftsy. Back in the begining Craftsy would email me every time I had anyone download one of my patterns, whether it was free or paid for. Every day I would get anywhere from 4 downloads to hundreds a day! Then when things changed, the emails stopped, but I could go into my account and see what daily pdf's got downloaded and still it was every single day because of the free ones I offer. As for the pdf's that I charge money for, well those are few and very far between. So will some or all of the ones I charge for go away? I have no idea.

If you have not downloaded pdf's (free or not) from me or other designers on Craftsy, you might to download them to your computer or save to a memory stick because if they go away, I do not know whether or not you will have them in your Craftsy library indefinably now or not? Better to be safe than sorry I say.

Another thing is if you have wanted a pattern from me on Craftsy, you had better get to it now and download and save it to some device in case that goes away too. I will be adding all my patterns to Makerist as soon I can. I do not have them all on Makerist now. But you will find them all on Makerist until Makerist decides to also do what Craftsy is doing and purge some designers and some pdf's.

I may also end up making a tab on my blog showing my pdf's and if you want to purchase one from me you can email me and I will invoice you through PayPal and then email you the pdf once it has been paid for. This will only happen if the other places I sell through end up making things difficult. So time will tell what will happen there.

I thought I should inform you all in case you are not aware of these changes and want to buy pdf patterns from me or other designers too while you still can. Craftsy says it will be reducing the patterns available after 12/28/18, so you only have a week to make sure you buy what you can now! As a designer, we will not have the ability to upload patterns until later in 2019, whatever "later" means?
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  1. So many of my blogging friends are being affected by Craftsy's new plan! I sell from my website, but when I checked my account all of the patterns in my pattern library and classes in my class library have disappeared! I have contacted them and they are working on it supposedly! I hope you aren't affected too adversely by their decision. Merry Christmas, Daryl!

  2. I would also suggest that you go to your shop and copy out all of the descriptions and requirements for each pattern. Since you don't know what might be dropped when the 28th arrives, it would be helpful to have all of the text on hand ready to go onto another platform. (I don't know about you, but when I first uploaded my patterns, I didn't take a "back up" of what I typed.)


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