Saturday, January 21, 2023

Sew Powerful Purse #2 for 2023

Purse #2 completed for the Sew Powerful Purse Project. 

This purse was made all from donated fabric, with the exception of a couple of small scraps on the flap that I had purchased.

Happy Scrappy pieced flap with added ribbon and button embellishments.

Side view showing gusset and rivet.

I sewed this button on making a little flower. Such a fun new to me way of sewing buttons. I will try a few more flower styles on other buttons I sew. I also added a bit of ribbon scrap I had (on the left with the white and red flowers). I have so much ribbon I have had for years, but never knew quite what to do with it. So I hope to add more ribbon bits to the purses I make. I just need to remember to add it at the right time when sewing so the raw edges on the sides can be sewn into the seam.

I used the flap lining in another purse too as I only had enough for 2 purses. So I had just enough of this lining fabric to use in one purse. These were donated fabrics and smaller pieces, so I have to use them where I can on a purse. So fun to see several fabrics in one purse.

I had enough exterior fabric to add a back slip pocket. Sometimes I don't have enough of the exterior fabric to add a back pocket, so I don't add a pocket here, but I love it when I can add a pocket.

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  1. Getting started on more beautiful purses! I love this and the first one especially - it looks like sunny summer flowers to me!!


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