Friday, September 25, 2015

Singer Merrittlock 14 U44B Overlock Machine For Sale

I have a Singer Merrittlock 14 U44B Overlock (serger) for sale. (I acquired a Bernina Overlock Machine a few months ago, so I need to sell this Singer Overlock Machine). I bought a 100 serger machine needles for this machine and I have only used about 10 of them, so there are approximately 90 serger needles that I am including with this serger. I also purchased a new set of cutting knives for this serger that are still in the package and haven't been used. The serger cutting knives on the machine are still cutting well. I bought a hemmer foot for this machine too.

With the front opened there is a threading diagram to make threading the serger easier. It's not difficult to thread this serger, but it does take time since you have and upper looper, a lower looper and a right and left needle to thread. Of course there are times when you might only be serging with 3 threads, rather than 4.
I really love that this serger has a free-arm for serging cuffs and pant legs and other things in a tube-like shape. Even my Bernina serger doesn't have a free arm! I was tempted to keep this serger just for using the free-arm, but I have no space to keep Miss Merrittlock anymore, darn it!
Another view of the free-arm down and the front and side doors open.

This overlock machine was made in Japan and not China! The Japanese made some really nice sewing machines and sergers. Now nearly all sewing machines and sergers today are made in China or Taiwan, even those machines that used to be made in other countries like Germany, Switzerland, and the USA, are made in China and Taiwan. I have some machines that are made in Taiwan and they are great machines too, so I am not knocking where they are made, but just noting this and that it's hard to find machines that are made elsewhere today.
The extra cutting knives, the 9 packages of serger machine needles (10 needles in each package, although one package could have a needle or 2 less because I cannot remember if one of these were opened or not. So there are approximately 90 needles, or a couple less if a package has had some taken out)., and the hemmer foot. I marked this foot with an "M", because I think the instruction manual referred to the hemmer as foot "M".
The extra new cutting knives still in the package.
The hemmer foot, marked with the "M".
I downloaded and printed this instruction manual because there is some updated information in this guide that the original guide doesn't have. 
This is the original guide that came with the machine. It has gotten a bit wrinkled and it isn't as thorough as the guide I downloaded. There is no information in this guide about oiling the machine at all. The guide above has that information. I also printed out the page for where to oil this machine and placed it in a protective sleeve cover so I would have that close at hand when I cleaned and oiled her. I am including that page in the sleeve too.

I am posting this here first before I place my ad on Craigslist. So if you are interested please contact me ASAP. I will put this posting link on the Craigslist ad so that anyone wanting more information and lots of photos can come here to read about it as well.

I am asking $65.00 plus $40.00 shipping if you live somewhere that I need to ship it to; locals don't need to pay shipping of course. The cost of the machine needles, cutting blades and hemmer foot all together cost more than what I am selling this machine for! Go to ebay and price this machine and the extras separately. You'd pay $80 just for the needles, hemmer foot and blades!
SOLD! Enjoy serging Shirley!
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  1. Daryl both your machines you are selling are in immaculate condition. No lint at all shows how much great care you take of your equipment. Some very fortunate persons are going to get really good deals on your Bernina and your Serger. Lovely Autumn Day Dear...

  2. I am contacting my cousin about this because I wish I could take in another machine, but don't want DH to file for divorce! This is a great deal!

    1. Torry you are a no-reply which means I don't have your email to directly contact you. If your cousin is interested, please make sure she emails me directly. My email button or contact button is on the right side of the blog. Thanks. It is a great deal and a wonderful serger too!


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