Thursday, September 10, 2015

Scrappy Brown Fabric Coiled Bowl

I made a brown fabric coiled bowl using up some brown fabric scraps recently. I shaped it round, rather than flared at the sides.

I turned the bowl upside down so your could see the bottom here.
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  1. Very pretty Daryl I like the accents of a bit of orange and green.

  2. Very nice. Some green apples would look great in your new bowl.

  3. Beautiful Brown Bowl and just in time for Fall. I have a rope coiled basket my Aunt made me back in the 70's and it is still in excellent condition. I use it for scraps of everything and keep intending to sort it out since the pile is above the handle and quite the tangled mess. Your work is excellent dear.

  4. I love to see you post and make these beautiful bowls, you are so talented seriously:) TFS and enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. Lovely bowl. So useful for so many things and beautiful too.

  6. you are amazing at making these bowls. every time I see one of yours I think I need to make another but for what ever reason I haven't gotten around to it. your wonderful sense of color comes through on your bowls, this one is very southwest.


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