Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Clutchmates A New Clutch Bag

I recently tested a new bag from Imazzpatterns called Clutchmates. This cute little bag has a removable wrist strap, and a choice of 6 different flap designs! This clutch can look different depending on the flap and fabric that you choose. It's a beginner-friendly pattern too!

Of course I have been having fun using my machine's fancy stitches lately so I had to make the flap of my bag with fancy stitches and couched yarns too! Since I tend to be a bit asymmetrical myself (LOL!!!) I chose the asymmetrical flap of course.

Imazz is having an Introductory Price on the Clutchmates Bag pattern through September 26, 2015, so please check out her pattern on Craftsy or Etsy.
My Clutchmate Bag with asymmetrical flap and fancy embroidered stitches and couched yarn.
I even added a decorative zigzag stitch to the zipper strips.
The flap and the back of the clutch. I used a blue dyed fabric for the entire exterior of the bag. 
I used a fun novelty print for the lining fabric. You can add an optional zippered pocket in the lining or even a slip pocket if you want to. I opted to not add a pocket inside.
The zippered closure under the flap.
My signature zipper pull.
Oh yes and a heads up about those Frixon markers. Normally when you draw a line with a Frixon marker in any color, the line will disappear when you iron over the mark. Frixon does warn you about mark coming back if  the temperature gets down to a certain cold temperature, which I cannot recall how cold it has to be for the marks to reappear. I did test it by making a mark on a fabric scrap and putting the scrap into the freezer for a day. When I removed the fabric scrap from the freezer I could see a faint mark on the fabric. But I wasn't worried about the cold since my bags or quilts will never be in subfreezing climates. However, this is the second time I have drawn a line with Frixon and ironed it and had a white line appear. I used a pink pen and a brown pen recently and this occurred with both of those colors. So from now on I will not mark anything that could show such as this long line. If the marks are made where it will be covered, such as in a seam or under a snap, that's okay to use the Frixon pens. Even water did not remove the white line that was left. So be careful when using Frixon pens!!!
Don't forget to check out Imazzpatterns for this cute Clutchmates bag and for all her other Imazzpatterns too! Imazz even has a free book cover with handles pattern on Craftsy too. I need to make one of those myself, I downloaded the book cover pattern and still haven't made it yet. But it is on my to-do list for sure!
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  1. Lovely clutch. I just knew you would be having more fun with your fancy stitches. Good warning tip on those Frixion pens. Creative Clutch Bliss...

  2. I love the stitching on the flap!!
    I have my fingers crossed about a diaper bag I made where I marked the quilting lines using a Frixion pen. The marks ironed right off, but then my dad asked if they reappeared in the cold. When I looked it up I was absolutely bonkers aghast that yes, they can reappear (but of course will disappear again with heat). I tested this in the freezer, too :) I've got my fingers crossed that even though it went off to someone in Wisconsin that it won't be in the cold long enough to reappear. Never again on a visible part of something, that's for sure.

  3. Super cute, Daryl. Mom has been loving the fun machine stitches on the sides of containers, too.

  4. Very cute clutch! Thanks for the warning about the pens.... I wonder if it removed the color along that line? Yikes!

  5. Love the clutch. You are doing a great job using your decorative stitches. I never thought to outline a zipper with them.

  6. fun tote, I love the base blue color, its so rich and vibrant looking its a great background fabric for all your added embellishments.
    I'm glad you are enjoying using your decorative stitches, its a great way to add special touches to your clutch. At the quilt retreat we
    were talking about that exact thing with the pens and people experimenting with putting fabric in the freezer to test it.
    great job

  7. Another great clutch Daryl, congrats!

  8. Thanks for the review, Daryl. Your clutch looks so different from mine. The decorative stitchings really cute and add interesting features to your clutch! I never thought of using them on flap of my bag. Should I buy another fancy machine? If I am living not far from you, that Bernina is already on its way to my place. LOL!!!

    1. Thank you Imazz. I enjoyed making and testing it for you. I hate to get rid of my Bernina, but I do have a few more machines and not enough space for them all, darn it!

  9. So cute with all the decorative details Daryl! I like that you added the stitching to decorate the zipper sides too.
    I too found out the hard way about Frixion pens taking the dye out of darker fabrics and now I will only mark with them where it won't be seen.

  10. Your decorative stitches certainly add lots of characters to your bags. I like them on this bag too. And with the fabric you dyed yourself, the bag is even more "your creation". (I'm not sure that sentence describes well what I'm trying to say...) Have a good weekend. :-)


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