Thursday, September 3, 2015

Flower Painting by My 7-Year Old Grandson

My grandson painted this painting that I saw at his house one day. I just love the bright colorful flowers! I love how a child's art is created from the heart and how they just do it and don't think too much. I wonder if I inspired him in some ways? One thing I do know is that he sure inspired me with this painting! I think it looks like an applique quilt. I may make a quilt like I did with his pigeon drawings, tracing his exact drawing, or I may make a wall quilt inspired by this painting of his or I might even do both! It's such a happy painting to me. I would love his art on my wall and since I can re-create it in a quilt, I will do just that and add some fancy stitches and other bling embellishments too.

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see that, Daryl... I love the creations that you make based on found art. (Perhaps you are the "queen" of that too! LOL...)

  2. So joyful and exuberant Daryl! I can see why you'd like to make a quilt like his drawing!

  3. Creative talent runs in the fami,y, Daryl. It is wonderful you have the skills to memorialize his art throughout the years.

  4. that is so sweet that you can share your art with each other. He is a lucky little guy to have such a wonderful grandma

  5. Lovely! Children have such sweet souls and they can express their views so easily. This will be wonderful when you make it into fabric art which will last longer than paper. Happy Artistic Family Bliss...

  6. the painting itself is cool. He did a great job with the colors.
    That would be cool to turn it into a quilt.


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