Sunday, September 6, 2015

Reversible Wrap Skirt for American Girl Style Dolls

I found an 18" Madame Alexander doll at the thrift store, which is the same size as the American Girl dolls, so now I have a model for the clothes I made and for more that I might make. Her hair is not as nice as I remember Samantha's hair was (Samantha was my daughter's American Girl doll). This doll's hair is like cotton candy and you have to comb it ever so carefully and even then a lot of the hair comes out in the comb. Since she was only a few dollars at the thrift store, I can't complain. I have given her a nice home and she has some new clothes to wear, so I think she is happy too, lol!!! When I purchased her she only had her "birthday" suit on!!!

Any suggestions for naming her? I really should name her and call her by a name, don't you think?

I made 2 reversible wrap skirts, which is a free pattern. I used the same fabric on both skirts on one side and I used a different fabric for each skirt on the reverse side, so that's why there are 3 photos.
This fabric was the fabric I used for both skirts, only the reversible side is a different fabric as you will see in the next 2 photos.
The reversible side of one skirt.
The reversible side of the second skirt.
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  1. The clothes are adorable and so is the doll. I see many more doll clothes in your future.

  2. How sweet for this doll to find you and be your model. These little wrap skirts are adorable. Her name will come to you just like she did when you found her.

  3. Such a sweet doll and she looks very well dressed! With no granddaughters to play with dolls, I don't see making doll clothes in my future. Darn!

  4. That is the cutest thing ever, Daryl!

    She looks like a "Sunny" to me. :)

  5. Thank goodness you can make clothes too or else this poor sweet doll would be forced to stay in her birthday suit. They're really cute.


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