Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bernina 830 Record Sewing Machine For Sale

I have a Bernina 830 Record sewing machine for sale. Made in Switzerland. This particular machine was produced in 1978. All Bernina 830's were produced from 1971-1982 and were the top selling Bernina model for 11 years! The 830 is still a favorite machine, especially among quilters. It's a mechanical sewing machine with the basics. Sews great. I hate to part with it, but I do have another Bernina (as well as a few more machines) and no more space to keep this one.

I purchased this machine used years several years ago and it only came with one presser foot. I did buy a few other presser feet for this machine so I could sew other things, like a buttonhole foot and a zipper foot, free motion/darning foot, etc.
You can see the bobbin case here. The middle dial on the right is for making button holes.
The red tool case for holding presser feet and other items.
This machine comes with the knee lift, the extension table, the instruction manual, 1 bobbin, the bobbin case, the red tool case that holds all the presser feet, the light bulb changer and I am also throwing in 4 packages of sewing machine light bulbs that are still in the package. I also have a 2-VHS set of How to Repair Your Sewing Machine, which features this same sewing machine in the video. So you can service your own machine and save money!
Here is everything that comes with the Bernina 830 Sewing Machine as I listed above. (The light bulbs I forgot to include in this photo, but I have a photo of them down below.)

 Red Tool Box that holds the press feet, etc. Presser feet included are: Embroidery hoop, darning foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, standard zigzag/straight stitch foot, tailor foot. The blue plastic thing is the light bulb changer that grips the bulb and makes it easier to take out and insert a new bulb.
21 stitches total. These are a really nice assortment of stitches from utility stitches to a few fancy stitches. 

The Bernina 830 Record is a workhorse of a machine. Easy to use it's great for a new sewer/sewist or someone just wanting a second machine.

*Disclosure: The machine has a crack on the plastic that has been repaired on the back of the machine (see photo below). The crack is located on the plastic housing behind the thread spool pins and in no way affects the use of the machine when sewing. You can only see the crack from behind.
Back of the machine. There is a crack on the plastic at the top of the machine. The crack was glued and sanded and in no way affects the sewing performance of this machine at all. It is strictly a cosmetic "blemish". Below the crack is navy blue thread. The thread is not the crack. The crack is located above the Bernina name. Just wanted to make this clear in case you weren't sure where the crack was.
Here are some of the stitches sewn on this Bernina 830 Record sewing machine.
I am including 4 brand new sewing machine light bulbs too.
If you are interested in purchasing this sewing machine before I list it on Craigslist, email me ASAP. Ask me any questions and if you want more photos, I can email them to you as well. I am asking $350.00 + $50 shipping in the USA only, or any reasonable offer. If you live locally within driving distance to me there is no shipping charge of course.

If I sold each part of this machine separately I would make more money than selling everything all together. Check out the sold listings on to see what these sewing machines sell for and what the separate parts sell for too. Just the knee lift part alone has sold between $50-$75 on ebay; the same for the extension table. Presser feet cost from $10-$20 each and sometimes even more. The embroidery hoop alone I saw for sale on ebay for $30. The (empty) red tool box sold for $20 and up. Swiss made Bernina machines like this really hold their value!

**Update: The Bernina here has SOLD! Thank you Jackie.
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  1. Oh gosh Daryl, I'm so tempted and I sure know you are offering a great machine at a great value! With a grandbaby on the way and our daughter out of a job, we're trying to be more budget conscious though.
    I hope you find a great new owner. i know it must be quite hard to let this baby go.

  2. My machine is a Bernina 930, so a similar classic Bernina work-horse, and I LOVE it. Hope you find a good home for this one!

  3. Good Morning Daryl -- is this Bernina Record still available?


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