Monday, January 11, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses #12-22

I made these eleven purses the first eleven days of January, so got one finished per day on average. I am going to pack up all of these and mail them off this week. Finding the right size box or bag to mail all 22 purses to fit in them is presenting a challenge. Either I cannot fit all purses into one container or I may need to find a larger container.

I am going to take a break from making these purses for a while so I can work on other things. The purses will be shipped to Africa in a few weeks, so I wanted to get these to them. The next time will be Autumn when they ship more purses to Africa, so I can work on making some here and there when I feel like it.

 I used up a lot of miscellaneous fabric, so that was a good thing too.

#12. Crazy pieced flap.

Close up of Handmade button

I added a rivet on each side of the strap on this and all of these purses here.

Inside flap and front pocket.

Lining with pocket.

Back of #12.


#14. I couched various yarns I had onto this home décor fabric. (Susan R. I used a couple of the yarns you gave me).

Inside I used 3 fabrics in order to make the lining.

#15 with a pieced flap.

Lining using 2 fabrics.

#16 with crazy pieced flap.

#17. I started the flap using a pieced heart block and sewing strips around it.

#18. Crazy pieced flap and a pastel plaid with a silver metallic thread running through it.

#19. Crazy pieced flap.

#20. Crazy pieced flap.

#21. I had this Lorelai print that I had appliqued onto a white background awhile ago, so I used it and added strips of fabrics around it. Thought this one would be great for a teacher or a girl who aspires to become a teacher.

#22. I had made one section of the block called New York Beauty
  several years ago, so I used it for the flap along with more fabric strips.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these purses as much as I have making them.
Click on link for more info about the Sew Powerful Purse Project.
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  1. wow you are a one woman factory. these girls are so lucky to have you helping out. love the color choices, each one has its own personality. i want to know how to access your podcast interview. Great job as always and what a wonderful charity to contribute to.

  2. I love Sew Powerful, and have been sewing for them since they started in 2014. These purses you made are incredible, i also like making patchwork purses. Lots of happy girls, here.

  3. These are beautiful. Mine were not quite as fancy. I really like the idea of rivets on the sides. Thanks for the inspiration for my next ones.

  4. I really like all of the pieced flaps. When people do this type of assembly style sewing, I'm always curious about the process. Do you sit down and patchwork piece a bunch of flaps first? Do you make all the interior pockets all at once? Or do you like the accomplishment of making one complete purse at a time? (Maybe when you make your next batch, you can write a blog post about the "behind the scenes" effort!)

  5. These are all so beautiful, Daryl! I especially love the crazy pieced ones!! Great job!


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