Friday, January 1, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses 6-9

I finished sewing 4 more Sew Powerful Purses. I joined in making purses to donate for this wonderful cause just before Christmas (2020) and made 5 purses. I completed 4 more purses (on Dec. 30) for a total of 9 purses made in 2020. Not bad for only starting to make purses for this organization just a little over a week ago.

I made 2 with an upholstery fabric that match like twins.  One out of an old Millennium fabric (remember that fabric as we counted down to the year 2000? Gosh that was 21 years ago!!!! Yes time to use up that fabric that came out in 1999! And one with a pieced flap in mostly batik fabric.

So here they are~

The flap is scrappy pieced batik fabrics.

I used several fabrics to create this purse. The white fabric inside flap, was
 a long scrap of fabric that was quilted to batting, so I cut out 3 flap linings of this fabric to use on 3 purses. The other fabrics that went into making this purse I had to piece another fabric to it to make it the right size. Truly a scrappy purse.

Back of the bag. I didn't quite have enough of the teal print, so a scrap strip to the rescue! I love the design challenge in using up what I have on hand.

Inside with pocket.

Twins, sort of. The difference is mainly where the flap was cut on the large print, so they aren't identical twins, lol! Same on the back side, they were cut in a different place.

I added a button to each side for some bling and to further strengthen the straps.
This is a plastic or resin button.

I added a button to each side for some bling and to further strengthen the straps.
This is a wooden button.

The front has large front slip pockets.

The back of the purse is shown on the left.

Inside with pocket.

 Do you remember this old Millennium fabric? It came out in 1999 as we counted down to the year 2000! Gosh that was 21 years ago!!!! Yes time to use up that fabric and I was able to make this purse using it all.

I added a button to each side for some bling and to further strengthen the straps.

The lining is a red, white & blue print.

Inside pocket with a touch of the exterior fabric.

Back of the purse.

I pulled the flap down in the back to show the strip of blue I used for the upper back of the bag because I used up the Millennium fabric and need a strip, so chose this blue and added another strip of the same blue on the inside pocket (shown 2 photos above this one).

I am using up my wooden handmade buttons too. Once those have all been used, I can use a few I have in a different style. I have plenty of other buttons to add as bling to the purses. It's nice to have used up some of the fabrics I have had for too long. No matter what fabrics are used to make these purses, I think they each look great in their own way.

Now that 2021 has begun, I will see how many I can make this year. Sew Powerful mails the purses to Zambia, Africa on Feb. 1 & Nov. 1 each year, so I don't have a lot of time to mail them off to Renton, WA in time for the Feb. shipping (and I need to make sure they arrive in Renton with plenty of time for them to ship them to Zambia). So if I can get enough purses made before the middle of the month, I will send my first batch of purses to them by the middle of the month. Then I will have plenty of time to make purses the rest of the year and mail them again in October.
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  1. these are so beautiful I really like the way the upholstery ones turned out as well. what a generous gift and what a worthy cause. look forward to learning how to make them. happy new year and I'm off to work! I hope there will be little traffic.


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