Monday, January 4, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses 10 & 11

Two more Sew Powerful Purses that I have completed. This makes 11 total purses made so far, since I began making these a couple days before Christmas of 2020.

These are fraternal twins, lol!

I already had a large piece of blue strips sewn together, so I cut out 2 purse flaps to make these two purses. They needed a bit more, so I dug through some applique pieces that I already had cut and fused with fusible web and chose the flower and a couple of circles and fused these to the flap and blanket stitched around them. I also added a couple of crystals and double stacked button.

I chose this fabric for the rest of the purse. It had blue in it and looked good and the dancing figures looked like they could be African or Aboriginal. 

I added an accent strip to the pocket top and fused a heart applique on the pocket too for a fun little surprise. As with all my slip pockets, I always add a pen division in the slip pocket. It's one of a few of my standard trademarks.

Shown here becuase it's hard to photograph the insides.

The back of the purse.

Here is the other purse. I added 2 smaller flowers for this flap. If you look closely, I added a couple of crystals as well as the double stacked buttons.

This purse has a different fabric for the lining. The pocket is the same fabric so it doesn't pop out at you.

Here the back of this purse.

Here are the 2 twins side-by-side. Oh wouldn't it be lovely if 2 best friends or sisters chose these 2 purses? Well I hope the girls that get these 2 purses will love them as much as I loved making them.

I dug through a lot (not all) of my 6" quilt blocks, orphan blocks, sewn strip pieces (like the flaps above), and a couple of smaller blocks and created about 35 more colorful flaps. So now I need to choose the rest of the fabrics to create purses to go with those flaps. I have a lot to keep me busy that's for sure. 

Maybe you would like to join in and make a purse or two to donate too? Pop over to the Sew Powerful Purse Project page and check it out. Tell your friends and family. You can also join the Sew Powerful Purse Project Facebook Group to see what purses other people have made as well as their Instagram page here. I share the purses I have made on both of these places, so you might spot mine there.

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  1. just when I think they can't get any more fun and adorable they do! I just love the added heart on the inside and the set for sisters. you are too cleaver, who wouldn't love one of these.

  2. The flowers really pop! The hearts are a great addition!!


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