Monday, August 8, 2022

Flying High in the Sky in a Hot Air Balloon; Flag Pennant That Is

Hello hot air balloon aficionados, I am here to share my latest project using Crafter's Edge die cuts and the Crossover II die cut machine, also by Crafter's Edge. I used the Flag Pennant die cuts, the Letter die cuts, the Nested Clouds die cuts and then added 3 appliqué hot air balloons. With the annual International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico starting the first Saturday in October (and lasting 9 days), I wanted to create something for the occasion. 

What word(s) should I use? Well I wasn't sure and just thought, "Flying High" seemed suitable. Well that meant 13 pennant pieces and 10 letters, which when completed stretched out quite a ways and I didn't know how I was going to photograph this. So I have a couple of magnetic hooks and I just put them on the garage door and hooked the pennant to that. I stood back quite far in order to get the entire pennant in the photo. Then I took closer shots of the letters and hot air balloons.

The Flying High Flag Pennant with hot air balloons.

Closer look at a part of the flag pennant.

I used cotton fabric for the inside smaller flag pennant, the letters and the hot air balloons and clouds, and the pale yellow larger flag pennant is felt. I also backed each flag pennant with another piece of felt.

I love how using a couple of the Nested Cloud die cuts added to the hot air balloon

Thanks to the die cuts I used from Crafter's Edge, the cutting was a breeze. Get it? Flying high, breeze? LOL!!! Okay I am being a bit punchy this morning.
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  1. This is a cute bunting, Daryl. It’s perfect words for the hot air balloons. Definitely not easy to photograph the entire thing. I loved reading about how you solved that little problem with the help of your garage door.

  2. This is really cute,Daryl! I love the clouds and hot air balloons!

  3. Just too cute! The dies make things so easy!

  4. banners are the best, what a great one, I need to get one of those cutting tools


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