Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sew Powerful Purses #100-101, Plus 52 Purse Kits

Hello my lovely purse makers and purse admirers. I wanted to share my 2 latest Sew Powerful purses with you. I have now officially made over 100 purses for this year! Woohoo!!! 

The Sew Powerful Sew-A-Thon will start September 1-30. That means we don't sew until September, but we can cut out purse kits and have them ready to sew in Sept. So I have been cutting fabric and fusing interfacing and cutting webbing straps to create the purse kits and I clip each kit with a plastic colorful clothespin to keep each kit together. Then I stacked all 52 kits into a grocery sack. Yes, so far I have 52 kits ready to sew!!! I will continue to cut out more kits all month long. I may not finish sewing them all in September (in fact I have no idea how many I will complete), but that means I will have kits already to sew even past September.

Here are purses #100 &101 that I did sew before the Sew-A-Thon was announced at Sew Powerful.

Purses 100 & 101 I have completed this year. The left purse was made with denim jeans.

The back side. I added a slip pocket for each.

Here is what 52 purse kits in a grocery sack look like. I weighed the bag and it weighed 8 pounds 6.4 ounces. I didn't include any webbing straps in the kits or else the weight would be even more. I have my webbing cut and hanging up so I just grab the color strap I want for the purse when I am ready to sew the strap in.

Each kit is clipped together with a colorful plastic clothespin.

How many purses do you think I will sew during the month of September? Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea, but I will be sewing every day at least a little sewing each day.
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  1. I made these bags with my guild and they are really fun to make. Great job putting the kits together. You'll be blessed for your contributions.


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