Monday, August 29, 2022

Little Tulip Bag in Size Large

Hello lovely people. I tested this bag recently, called the Little Tulip Bag for Little Mint Designs. It is a cute drawstring bag with handles and slip pockets both inside and out. There are 3 sizes included in the pdf and I chose to make the large size, which isn't too large, but to me more of a medium size. It's a nice size for a medium size knitting project. The smaller sizes would be the right size for a child or to use as a lunch bag. Check out the link above to see all 3 sizes together than Jean made.

I chose to use my favorite Echinacea Glow fabric designed by Anna Marie Horner. I have this beautiful coneflower fabric in 3 colorways (I think it comes in 4 colorways). This fabric was out of print for years and has been printed again probably because it is such a popular print! Coneflowers and sunflowers are my favorite flowers so that's why I love this fabric!

I tried to fussy cut the pockets on the outside so they would blend better into the print, but I just couldn't get it right and wasted some of my precious fabric, so I just did the best I could. There are 3 choices for making the handles included in the pattern. I chose to use webbing and fabric both for a 2-color handle. I love how that looks!

I added 3 other colors to make this a bright bag: yellow, orange and dark pink. I love how the colors look on this bag. I also added lots of rivets on my handles.

The lining is a gray polka dot fabric and my current knitting project is inside.

Inside there is a slip pocket on each side. I don't know why my lining looks so wrinkled on the bottom? Maybe because the lining wasn't interfaced? I made as per pattern, so no interfacing on lining fabric; but I think I will add interfacing on the next bag I make to see if that works better?

The gnome statue measures 17" tall x 9" at it's widest, just to give you an idea how the large size Little Tulip Bag compares in size. 
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  1. Cute bag, and I love that echinacea fabric!

  2. Love the colours that you combined here; it's a very happy looking result.

    Do you normally interface your linings? Seems like that would add to the cost of making an item. (With each thing I sew that requires a lining, I've been trying to remember to use a bigger seam allowance so as to make it a tighter fit with hopefully fewer problems like looseness and wrinkly-ness.)

  3. Another beautiful bag by you! I love how you embellished it.

  4. with that fabric how can you go wrong. i made a bag that was similar but i like this design better. great job


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