Thursday, September 8, 2022

Sew Powerful Purses #102-117 (for 2022)

Hello all you Sewers or sewists or whatever you want to be called, lol! September is National Sewing Month and Sew Powerful has a Sew-a-thon going on all month long to challenge us to sew as many purses as we can this month. It goes along with their fund raiser they are also having all month long where you can make a one-time donation in any amount to Sew Powerful by choosing your favorite purse maker in the pull down menu on their donation page. So you would find my name (I am your favorite Sew Powerful purse maker, aren't I?) in the pull down menu and click on my name and then make your donation. The funds help to support all the feminine hygiene products that they fill the purses with and to pay wages to the women they employ in Zambia who make the uniforms, soap and pads for the girls. 100% of anything donated now or ever goes to this program and I love that!

Please go here to read about how you can donate to this worthy and worthwhile cause during the month of September. And THANK YOU to so many of you who already made a donation to Sew Powerful. 

Okay, so I have completed 16 purses for the Sew-a-thon this month so far. I spent 3 1/2 days testing a bag for a bag designer too! So yesterday I had to catch up and sewed a lot! This is the result of what I accomplished the first week of the SAT.

I even started using my scraps to make fabric postcards too. We have to include a notecard in the pocket for each purse and I got to thinking, why not sew up the scraps to make postcards (5" x 7" size). I glued cardstock to the back and zigzag stitched around the cards. Many postcards I made have fabrics that match the purse I made like the one above. But I didn't make all to match. I just grabbed some yellow and orange scraps to make several and to reduce my ever-ending bag of scraps. I barely notice the reduction!

Thanks Julie H. for giving me this fabric. I used it in several purses for the lining. It was perfect. Too light for the exterior as it would get dirty too quickly, but made great linings! The print is purses!

I used selvages on these flaps.

A few of the denim jeans I used for the purses, I also used the front pockets for the back of the purses.

A few more fabric postcards I made. I made over 50 of them, so will only show you a few now.

A few more fabric postcards. I was able to fuse on some appliqué I had and never used before on some of these to add a bit of pop to the cards.

Okay back to sewing more purses!
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