Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Quilt Keeper: a Great Way to Display Your Quilts!

Hello all you quilters and quilt lovers. I have something to show you today that is a fun new way to display your quilts. It's called The Quilt Keeper. It was invented by a quilter too! Ellen Taurins is the designer of this Quilt Keeper.

The Quilt Keeper was sent to me in exchange for writing a review/article on my blog (and I also posted it on my Facebook & Instagram pages too). The Quilt Keeper comes with 2 over-the-door brackets, the metal rod with hooks that the quilt sits on and a strip of foam with adhesive on the back that you cut to size and stick it on the metal brackets to not only make the brackets fit the door better, but it keeps it from scratching the door too. I added the foam where suggested in the instructions and placed it on the door. I then cut the remaining foam into fourths and stuck it on 2 more places on the brackets so make sure the bracket was cushioned better on the door. 

Next all you do according to the instructions is to fold your quilt into thirds and drape it over the hanging rod and hook it onto the hooks on the hanging brackets. That's it! No real assembly other than adding the foam and the rubber tips for the bracket ends. Watch the YouTube video here.

The metal parts are very well made and the whole design is so simple, yet works great! Plus, nothing is permanent, so you can take it off the door and move it to another door or store it away when you don't have a quilt to hang on it. It doesn't take up much storage space either. I love simple functional designs!

I took a lap quilt I made not long ago and hung it on The Quilt Keeper. It looks great displayed like this.

My lap quilt works great being hung as it's not heavy. It is a fabulous way to display a quilt! 

I am not an affiliate for The Quilt Keeper (although I could have signed up to become an affiliate), but I do like to tell you about tools and gadgets that I have come across that I really like and The Quilt Keeper is a great product! It's well made and simple, both a huge thumbs up for me! As a blogger and a quilt maker, it makes it easier for me to take photos of my quilts on The Quilt Keeper too! Use the Code: PATMS for a 10% discount on any purchase.

Thank you so much Azera & Ellen for sending me this Quilt Keeper and for inventing such a great design too that works and looks good too!
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  1. i can see the advantages of hanging a small quilt like this, thanks for sharing.

  2. oooh wow, I like the look of that! Thanks for sharing it with us! And thanks for linking up with Monday This and That! xx


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