Monday, November 16, 2020

Bibs & Burp Cloths in Southwest Print Fabrics

A friend of mine wanted to give a woman she knows who is expecting a baby a handmade gift. We tossed around a few ideas, but she wanted to check with a closer friend of this woman first. The woman didn't want or need a quilt, knit items, etc. so the bibs and burp cloths was what was decided. The expectant mother didn't want any typical pastel baby colors or baby prints either and so Southwest prints and one patriotic fabric was what I would make them out of, using the fabrics I had on hand.

I made 7 bibs and matching burp cloths (one for each day of the week). The bibs I used plastic Kam snaps so they could be snapped 3 ways to allow for a growing baby/child. I lined each bib and burp cloth in a soft flannel fabric too.

The stack of 7 bibs and 7 burp cloths.

2 snaps per bib allows 3 ways of snapping together. They can be snapped with both snaps snapped together, or one snap snapped, either making the snap the tightest or the loosest.

Showing the 2 snaps here, unsnapped.

A Southwest Pottery print.

Green flannel print on the back of each.

The flannel on the back of the burp cloth and bib is a plaid in the same colors.

This is the flannel used on the back of this set.

A tan print on the back of this set.

Navy solid flannel on the back of this set.

Solid tan flannel on the back of this set.

Tan print flannel on the back of this set.

These were delivered to the mother-to-be and I hope she enjoys using them. 
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  1. love these so much. Would you ever sell any? Our friend Julie in Texas is going to be a grandma and I would love to buy one to give to her soon to be new granddaughter. A southwest theme or dogs would be perfect. these are amazing and your color choices are wonderful. I also like that you made it soft on the side that faces the baby. excellent job!! is this your own pattern? They are stunning to look at. Tara

  2. These are great, Daryl! I have no babies anymore (sigh!!). They grow up so quickly but I have fond memories of the twins and their bibs with the food catcher on the bottom! One of them would finish his food and then hold up the bib, so what had fallen would slide in his mouth!! He had the chubbiest cheeks, and along with this antic, we nicknamed him "Beefers" or just "Beef" sometimes!! This should give you a good laugh today!!

  3. Bibs and burp cloths are so useful and it is nice you made them pretty also! I bet you had fun making something other than bags. I know I enjoy taking a breather from the usual stuff.

  4. You were on quite a roll! She’ll be so pleased.

  5. You really got busy! I've only done the bibs and burp rags in flannels. How are they in cottons?

    1. Hi Marsha. since you are a no reply, I am answering you here. I made one side in flannel and the other in quilting cotton. They sewed nicely and I think they will work well.


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