Friday, November 13, 2020

23 Applique Fabric Postcards

I made 23 applique postcards out of fabric. These are for sale for $8 each (includes shipping). If you would like to buy one or more, please email me. It would be helpful to attach the photo(s)or the name(s) of the postcards you want to buy and include them in the email. I will invoice you through PayPal or you can send me money directly through PayPal using my email address when you are on PayPal.

I will mark Sold below each photo that has sold.

Here are all 23 cards~

Gnome with Heart. SOLD!

Sheep. Sold!

Seagull 1. Sold!

Seagulls 2. Sold!

Seagull 3. Sold!

Owl 1.

Owl 2.

Owl 3.

Owl 4. Sold!
Owl 5. Sold!

Halloween Cat 1.

Halloween Cat 2.

Witch legs. Sold!

Boo Ghost 1. Sold!

Boo Ghost 2. Sold!

Cat 1. Sold!

Cat 2.

Cat 3. Sold!

Cat 4.

Cat 5. Sold!

Fat Cat 1.

Fat Cat 2. Sold!

Fat Cat 3. Sold!

Thanks for looking. 
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  1. These are really cute, Daryl! I think the owls and the gnome are my favorites!! Happy birthday to you!!

  2. Hi Daryl! Happy Birthday - (when is it, actually) Love the kitty postcards!


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