Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Green Scrappy String Quilt

This was another quilt I recently finished from making quilt blocks long ago that I had put away. I just needed to make a few more blocks and then put it together. I used polar fleece on the back and I sewed a green cotton binding on the quilt. I was thinking of adding an appliqué on this quilt, but when auditioning the appliqué that I had ready, it just looked too busy on this quilt, so decided no appliqué. This quilt measures 41" wide x 42" high. It's a nice size lap quilt for a child.

The blocks are each 8" finished squares.

Backing is green polar fleece
This is the green Polar Fleece I used for the backing. It is very soft and cuddly. Simple serpentine stitching for the quilting.

closeup view
Closeup of one section.

I love making string quilts! It uses up fabric scraps and it's fun to make. Various ways to set the strings to give it a different look. These blocks are square, but if you saw my last 2 string quilts that I posted recently (the turquoise with appliqué bear and the gray string quilt), those quilt blocks were rectangle blocks and that gave it a different look.

Happy scrappy quilting!

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  1. One can't go wrong mixing blues and greens together and throw them into a string quilt and you have an even better combo!

  2. Super fun string quilt!!! Love that you put fleece on the back!

  3. Beautiful!! The colors are so pretty together!

  4. love the colors its busy but it works so nicely which is hard to achieve

  5. Fun quilt, Daryl! Thanks for sharing with us at Monday Musings!


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