Monday, July 8, 2024

Sew Powerful Purses #135-139 (2024)

5 more purses finished for Sew Powerful Purse Project. A variety of flaps here, from appliqué to scrappy pieced to selvages, to upcycled denim jeans. 

A Garden Angel, named Greta. This was from a Debbie Mumm print I have had for ages! So I cut out all the motifs in the print to use to make more purses in the future. This one I finished, but I will be making dozens more using the various parts of this print. It worked best to appliqué the cut out print, since the designs were scattered all over the fabric and not in a straight line at all. Sometimes I wonder why they design fabric like that? How do most people use it? As a whole piece of fabric? It just seems to call out it wants to be cut apart from the rest and used differently. Some of the designs in this print overlapped very close together, so it was tricky to cut them out. I cut a lot by cutting in a sort of wavy cut. I think this one made a cute flap. All the females in this print were Caucasian. I wish designers used more variety of ethnicities in their designs. 

back side with slip pocket
Back of purse I added a slip pocket.

Scrappy pieced flap with added appliqué.

back side with slip pocket
Back with slip pocket.

side view
Side view showing rivet and decorative stitched strap.

Upcycled denim jeans flap and purse body too.

Back of scrappy raw edge upcycled denim jeans pieced
Back (no pocket) that is raw edge pieced and quilted.

Selvage flap.

back of purse
Blue & white plaid purse body. Here is the back with the pocket. I even made the plaid straps to match. One school in Zambia has uniforms in this color plaid. The other schools wear different colored uniforms.

Another selvage flap.

back of purses with slip pocket
Another blue & white plaid body with a back slip pocket.

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  1. i am a selvage fan so great job, the star is very pretty, all of them are treasures


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