Monday, June 24, 2024

Turquoise String Quilt with Appliqué Bear Wearing a Scarf

I love scrappy quilts, don't you? You can sew just one color family of scraps together or combine 2 color families or 3 or just make a scrappy quilt with every color in the rainbow, plus black, white, gray, brown and more. Plus, there are so many ways to sew with scraps. This is a String Quilt that I made here, which is only one type of scrappy quilt. I also love to make free form Log Cabin/Courthouse Steps quilts (some lovingly call them Duckworth Quilts, named after a women in a Scrap Quilt Facebook Group who makes her free form log cabin style scrappy quilts similar to mine, in that she chooses one color family or two, and her last name is Duckworth). So people in the group keep referring to them as Duckworth quilts 😁. Such a nice compliment to her.

So this is a string Quilt, not a Duckworth quilt. You can set string quilts in various ways and can make the blocks square or as a rectangle, which is what I did here. While making any kind of scrappy quilt, you do use up a lot of scraps in the process, however you also end up with new scraps (pieces left from the backing, the binding and the border(s). It's just the way it goes with scrap quilts.😄.

I often like to add a large appliqué to a scrappy quilt for a bit of whimsy. Scrappy quilts can be beautiful all on their own, but sometimes it might need an appliqué, to give the quilt that finishing touch somehow. But it all depends on the colors in the quilt and the appliqué as to whether or not it will work and look good. Some scrappy quilts are so busy that an appliqué would get lost and wouldn't enhance the quilt at all.  

The bear is all flannel, which gives it a softness. The backing fabric is also flannel, so this would make a good cuddle quilt for a child as well as a wall quilt.

Closeup of applique bear
I added some buttons eyes to give this bear a bit of character. They are sewed very securely, but I wouldn't give this to a child under the age of three as those buttons could pose a choking problem if somehow a button got chewed off! 

Closeup of string quilt

Husband said that it looks like the orange border of the quilt wrapped itself into a scarf around the bear (even though the scarf is flannel and wider and the inner border is regular cotton).

Happy Scrappy quilt piecing!

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  1. I have seen scores of the Duckworth quilts but I hadn't heard it's origin. Adding the applique to this quilt really hams it up!

  2. i adore your whimsical additions so cleaver. great color combinations

  3. Samantha BurnsideMonday, June 24, 2024

    I love this blue string quilt. The best just sets it off perfectly. Definite winner in my book. 😊👍

  4. This is such a fun and cute quilt, Daryl! I really love the addition of the bear - adorable! Thanks for sharing with us at Monday Musings!


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