Saturday, June 8, 2024

Kokopelli Scrappy Table Runner

A friend gave me a panel which consisted of all small Kokopelli squares in a  different colors. I cut out 10 Kokopelli's (2 of each color) and then sewed batik scraps around each square. I turned it into a table runner with the Kokopelli's facing into the center, so that when used as a table runner wherever you might be sitting, you will see the Kokopelli right side up.  The backing and binding is also a Kokopelli print.

This is the backing and also the fabric I used for the binding.

There are a lot of Kokopelli squares in the panel, so I made a second table runner (just need to quilt and bind it) and also a purse flap for the Sew Powerful purses that I make to donate. I will write a bit of an explanation about Kokopelli to include with the notecard so that the girl receiving the purse will know who Kokopelli is.

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  1. Samantha BurnsideWednesday, June 19, 2024

    Oh my goodness! This runner is a stunner! (Swear I wasn't rhyming on purpose, lol). It truly is beautiful. The fabric works amazingly together. Another beautiful piece of work!


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