Thursday, August 27, 2020

Lots of Little Wallets!

I decided I would make a Little Wallet to match any bag that I am making to sell. I also thought I would make some wallets using up some scraps as well so that I will be stocked up on these when we can have craft shows again. It will be something I can offer to sell that is not as much as a bag so it can be an affordable gift to buy. Here are 17 of them that I finished making recently.

Here are 7 wallets closed.

And what they look like opened.

Another 7 wallets closed. Isn't that watermelon one cute? I only had a small scrap of those 2 fabrics and it was enough to make the wallet.

And here they are opened.

2 more here. The one on the left was made with 3 pink batik fabrics pieced together.

And opened you sometimes get a little surprise like the llama fabric inside.

Wanted to show the back of the one on the left, since the fabric was pieced using 3 fabrics in pink.

This cute little kitty wallet was a custom made wallet that I sold

The back had to be pieced with a strip of fabric in order to make the directional fabric work so that the flap or the back wasn't upside down. This fabric is cute and had other garden signs like "Purrenial Seeds" as well as this one that is Purrfect Seeds.
I sold most of these Little Wallets.
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  1. Is there a pattern for those cute little wallets.....I would sure like to buy one if possible.

  2. Oh Daryl! These are soooo cute! I especially love the batiks and the last kitty one! My granddaughter would love this. I am going to see if I can find some of that fabric and make her one for Christmas! Great job!

  3. These all look fantastic, Daryl! That little wallet is my favored and I use mine every day. They really are a lot of fun to make with using different fabrics.

  4. Very cute! I like to make accessories to match bags too. ;-)

  5. so adorable and practical. i have one that you gave me a while ago and i love using it for a variety of things. of course i can keep credit cards, business cards in it but when i mail packages i keep the receipts in their as well. it makes me happy whenever i take it out of my purse to look at.

  6. I was wanting a pattern too until I see that you are selling them. I have put paypal buttons on my site as well. I've only had just one order, but it worked very nicely. The best to you!


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