Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Miss Maggie Bag

This bag is called Miss Maggie and is an Emmaline Bag design and a free pattern too. The free pattern shows using a few different kinds of hardware, none of which I had, and the hardware is expensive to buy, so I won't be using those in the future either. Instead, I used strap ends and rivets, which look nice too and are easy to install.

The bag itself is supposed to have magnetic snaps on the top sides to pull the bag in and give it its shape when closed. But I decided instead of adding the magnetic snaps, I would just taper the bag in at the top sides instead. It is still plenty wide at the top to open.

The bag measures approximately 11" wide x 10" high x 4" deep.

A slip pocket I added to the bag with rickrack.

Zippered pocket. For some reason my lining came out a bit baggier than usual. I am not sure what happened? So I am selling this bag for less than I would have. It still is a great bag and only you would see the looser lining.

Divided slip pocket.

Purse feet on the bottom.

Like I said above the lining came out looser than I would like and I am not sure how that happened, but I am discounting this one of a kind bag because of it. Normally I would sell this Miss Maggie for $85, but I am offering it at a discounted price for only $60 + $9 shipping (total cost of $69). 
Contact me and I will invoice through PayPal.
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  1. Hello There!
    I have to tell you that is a beautiful bag - especially with the rick rack detail, the inner pen holder and the purse feet! Nice job!

  2. I get that adding hardware often makes a bag appear more "store bought" in appearance (isn't it odd how we want that even though the point is that it's NOT store bought?) but yes, all that extra stuff costs money. Unless one can pick up a thrift shop bag and use it for parts, it wouldn't be my recommendation to go all in on the hardware. The strap ends and rivets that you used are a fine addition as is (never mind the purse feet).

  3. love it, the fabric is so eye catching and what a nice size purse. i feel like the fabric is so retro and modern at the same time if that makes any sense. great job as always.


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