Sunday, August 25, 2019

Large Craft Bag for Sewing-Knitting-Crafts

I bought a paper pattern to make this large craft bag. It is the Crafty Carrier Bag by Ellie Mae Designs. It turned out nice and I wasn't sure if it was a bag I would make again. I used foam stabilizer (even though the pattern didn't call for using it), because for such a large bag, I wanted this bag to be able to stand up on it's own, especially fully loaded with stuff.

This bag sold at a craft show last year. So glad she will be using this one.

The small white dots on black ribbon running horizontally across the bag is to hold tall tools like scissors. You place scissors in the ribbon tab and the bottom of the scissors goes into the pocket below. I used ribbon, but the pattern has you make this from fabric. (See the very last photo showing scissors). The 2 front pockets are pleated so they will hold a lot of  thick or bulging items.

I added extra padding and purse feet on the bottom of the bag.

Inside is nice and wide and I also added a zippered pocket.

The other side of the bag also has a ribbon that is divided to hold long tools (scissors, knitting needles, ruler, etc.)

The side each have a pocket too.

Here is the cover photo on the pattern envelope showing how the scissors fit in the tab:
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  1. I love this bag. I might just have to order that pattern myself!

  2. I like the design of the bag. It seems to be well thought out and certainly above average in functionality. Great use of fun fabric on your part. Curious as to why you might not make the bag again (since it did sell)?

    By the way, intriguing iron butterfly hanger thing you show in a few of those photos!

  3. the bag looks fantastic, i think adding the foam was exactly what it needed for the stability and overall look of it. the bag has lots of room which makes it so versatile for all crafters. your fabrics are fun and go well together. i think you did a great job, i'm sure the person that bought it is getting lots of use out of it.


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