Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sugar & Spice Bag

I finally made the Sugar & Spice Bag, which is a ChrisW Design bag. This bag pdf is several years old and Christine is working on updating the pdf to add some updated sewing techniques and materials that weren't used several years ago when she designed this bag. But since I make changes to most bags anyhow, I knew I could add my own updates to the bag and I did. I even emailed Christine with all the changes I made and most were changes she was planning on changing too.

This bag style is very eye catching and I have always admired it, so I am glad I finally made one. I used batik fabrics for the exterior and a hand dyed fabric inside.

A zippered closure for the bag.

This is the back of the bag, which is the same as the front of the bag with 2 slip pockets, giving you 4 exterior pockets total.

More pockets inside the bag!

I ran out of the hand dyed fabric, so added a strip of the batik to each pocket, piecing the pocket pieces large enough. I actually love how this looks! Adds a bit of the outside fabric inside.

Just listed in my Etsy Shop. Will be at craft show in October if it doesn't sell on Etsy before then.
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  1. Super cute, I like that you added a bit of interest with the added fabric inside.

  2. the bag is wonderful very eye catching. did you dye the inside fabric? what did you use the color is wonderful. i love the overall look of this bag and of course you made it very practical as well. great job as always.
    you can sure rock a batik

  3. Wow. Really love your purse! I might have to get that pattern! I had some of that outside in a darker blue. Love it. Wish I had more.

    1. Thanks Kara! You are a no-reply, so I couldn't email you back.


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